I'mplanted today; I really used what you all have shared!

Oh boy, I got my device today, a Biotronik  Edits, and becsuse I've learned  at least the beginning phase here, I ended up questioning a lot. Frankly, it wasn't a great experience. 

I only saw the doctor before, he never talked to me after. They insisted there's little pain, as I was in pain. I spoke up a hour after the Tylenol, saying I understand concerns about addiction, but I'm being discharged 6 hours after arrival, living by myself and I see nothing wrong with 2 days of pain relief. The NP gave me a script but pharmacy said it was written wrong and in my state, narcotic orders can't be called in.  I suggested a non narcotic and we settled that.The nurse gave me several instructions I either know is wrong, or suspect is wrong. 1)Take bandage off tomorrow, shower and no further bandages. Not  even a bandaid. I was speechless. 

Then he told me there is only one restriction on the side of implant: don't attempt to get anything down from a shelf above me with that arm. I suggested maybe not raising above shoulder height. He said that's fine to do. I can wash my hair, vacuum. I may as well wash my car too 

He said I could drive in 3-5 days. I expected a month and a checkup.

Some instructions were different on the discharge papers themselves. They put me in a sling which I took off at home.

My emergency card listed three models with no check mark on mine. I learned that by calling the support line of the company 

What really concerned me is they referred my back to my regular cardiologist and said he'd have the equipment to interrogate. I refused. I will keep seeing him but want an EP for this. They say I'll first see him in 3 months  My cardiologist will check the wound out  one week.

I can hear from so many on here that we must become knowledge able so that we can better manage our care.

I'm a little overwhelmed that 13 hours ago I walked in there, had my chest cut open and had something stuck in, and now I'm home, feeling pain and some apprehension. I feel burning on my chest. I asked what that was and I was practically tackled in getting an EKG on me. 

So day one of my cardiac adventure draws to a close and I'm not there yet in advising anyone else to do it. I have learned that many go through much, so I will persevere. 

Thank you for reading.





Pacemaker insertion

by Annie 1 - 2020-11-12 22:46:26

I was admitted Overnight in hospital after pacemaker.  They removed the bandage but there was glue that eventually came off but acted as barrier for a long time.  l No lifting my arm over my shoulder for long time(don't Remember exact weeks) 


They insisted...

by AgentX86 - 2020-11-12 22:57:59

Did they have a pacemaker?  Insisting that others aren't in pain is asinine.  There is, rightfully so, a lot of scrutiny over narcotics but IMO, you're right in this case.  They gave a script for enough Vicodin for a week.  I didn't use any but I had them.

Taking the bandage off and showering the next day is nuts.  It shouldn't be all that long (I think I was told three days and then no direct spray).

Bottom line:  Find another EP.  You reeled in a floater.

Please let us know how you progress.  Others coming behind you will learn what to look for in an EP and how to handle a bad situation.

One thing

by Annie 1 - 2020-11-12 23:09:41

Don't touch the surgery site. Infection risk. I liked the glue option

Surgical glue

by ar_vin - 2020-11-13 02:26:21

Glad you got your implant but sorry to hear of the shoddy treatment by your surgical team.

I had a sub-pectoral implant so I was in significant pain for two days  - the day of the implant and the day after. But I was kept overnight and discharged the next morning.

My wound was sewn up and sealed with surgical glue. That was great as that allowed me to shower the morning after the implant as soon as I got home. The incision healed over the next couple of weeks and the glue just disappeared.

At one week post implant I was seen by the implanting EP in his office for a wound check and a PM interrogation by the device tech. By then most of the pain had subsided. My next appointments were at one month and six months; now I'm seen once a year by my EP and the device tech.

From the OPs experience I'd guess his incision was closed with surgical glue. Too bad the communication was so poor!





New pacemaker

by Aberdeen - 2020-11-13 14:49:46

Pharnowa, I am sorry to hear about your recent pacemaker experience. In Scotland patients are kept in overnight after a pacemaker operation. I was told not to raise my arm above shoulder height or lift anything heavy for 4-6 weeks. Keep the arm moving gently to avoid a frozen shoulder.

I was told not to drive for a week. Good luck!


by AgentX86 - 2020-11-13 23:39:01

My EP said a week for driving, as well.  I only had locals for my implant (and AV ablation) and out of an abundance of caution, was kept overnight because the ablation left me dependent.  Otherwise I'd have ben kicked out right after (no anesthetic to wear off).

I was alo told to refrain from reaching or lifting (more than 5lbs) for a month.

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