Ekg, missing R waves

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Posted recently about the possibility of adding a third lead. Got sidetracked and talked about QRS time and missing R waves. Asked to receive a copy of my latest ekg, because I realized I had not actually seen my ekg for perhaps 10 years  (other than momentarily on a hospital screen). The copies came today, but I have no idea what the ekg is telling... I posted pictures of it in the member gallery, if anyone is interested and could perhaps tell my anything about it? The Finnish text says: sinus rhythm, unusual/abnormal axel turning to the left, undefined block in the atrium, unconfirmed report.


Unconfirmed report

by Gemita - 2020-11-09 19:32:10


Firstly, I am not able to read an ECG report but I would like to comment as follows.  This presumably is an unconfirmed report which means that it has not been confirmed by a cardiologist or someone who is able to accurately interpret the ECG.  Until this happens, the machine generated findings may not be completely accurate.  In my personal experience, ECG machines can get it wrong, so you definitely need a trained eye to interpret these ECGs to come up with an accurate diagnosis which presumably will be based on other test results as well?

Having said this, to the untrained eye, it does look to be a very "regular" stable rhythm (normal sinus rhythm), at a normal heart rate.  Hopefully someone here can help give you an assessment of what this all means,  or you could ask your doctors who know you best

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