New pacemaker and pains

I have new CRT Medtronic pacemaker. I have had short instances of pain in my heart since implant. It feels like either nerve pain or a lead firing a nerve. Short sharp burts of pain. Not constant and don't happen all the time either. When power was lowered at check up pain lessened. My heart was penetrated when lead was screwed in to muscle and I coded. Drain was installed and I recovered well. Has anyone else had similar pain?  Medtrinuc says all is ok but I know this is real and not my imagination. 


CRT Pain

by stormynw - 2020-11-06 17:20:36

I had a similar situation after my pacemaker was implanted and was told that one of the leads was firing against a nerve so they had to reposition it. I then had a lot of pain in my chest and after 5 trips to my local hospital's ER they kept telling me everything was fine. The last time the Dr. came in and said "well we didn't find andy blood clots you're free to go home". I asked him "what about the pain and he said "well, you've got pain medication" and I told him I wasn't worried about pain medication I wanted to know what was wrong.

After several people told me to go to Seattle where they know what they're doing (the same advice I would give somone who was in a similar situation) I called over to one of the major hospitals in Seattle and after hearing about my issues and symptoms they told me to come in the very next day. So, before I left that morning I went on facebook and told friends my guess was pericarditis. When I got to the hospital I didn't say anything about what I thought it was. I just let them run their tests and the doctor came back in the room and says "it looks like you have pericarditis". The moral to my (long story) is . . .  Get a second opinion! and keep bugging the doctors until they listen. Hope this helps and good luck. 


Yes return to your doctor or go to ER

by Gemita - 2020-11-08 05:55:00


I agree with Damie, please return to your doctor or go to ER for additional checks.  If I understand correctly, you say a drain was placed during/after your implant procedure to remove fluids?  Are you still breathless?  Could fluids be building up again, I wonder.  Whatever is causing the nerve like pain needs to be fully investigated and controlled.

My husband had a similar experience requiring drainage of "bloody" fluid when he developed a pleural effusion as a result of injury during implant procedure.  He experienced sharp, nerve like pain.  A course of an anti inflammatory and antibiotics were required but it took a long time to resolve (several months) and he was followed up by a respiratory consultant and sent to have "respiratory physiotherapy".

I wish you well soon. 

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