Chest discomfort & pain while sleeping

I am 41 year old female who was diagnosed with Complete Heart Block. I have had my PM for a little over a year now.  For the last few days I've had a tightness and uncomfortable feeling in my chest as well as an achy feeling in my left shoulder and upper back. For the last three nights, I have been unable to sleep on my left side. When I turn to sleep on my left a shooting pain starts under my left breast with a burning sensation. Close to unbearable and I must immediately get off my left side. I assume it is my heart but obviously I'm not a doctor! Has anyone experienced this or anything similar? I have a device check coming up and will talk to my doctor then but am a little concerned.  


Left side

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-27 11:59:56

Certainly get advice from your doctors but don't assume it's your heart. It could be acid reflux or something similar. In any case, medical intervention is required. Pain is the body's way of getting your attention. Listen to it.

don't assume

by Tracey_E - 2020-10-27 12:15:09

Don't assume it's the pacer, it's easy to get tunnel vision and blame everything on it. Anyh time you get pain you'd call unbearable, it's time to call your doctor NOW. Start with your primary, not the cardiologist. 

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