My new ICD

Hi there. I have now got a new badge of honour. Yes, my Medtronic ICD was implanted successfully on July 4th 2007. I am grateful to be privileged enough to have such a device, considering the need in this world, just for food for most.

I knew it was an expensive item, but the cost of Australian $55,000, just for the device no doctors or hospital bills included, nearly gave me a heart attack!!! LOL. Really I only found out the cost after it was in. Thank the Lord I have paid for the top most medical insurance all of my life since I began working in 1976, so my health insurance covers all the cost.

I feel well and have only trivial problems such as discomfort and some swelling still. I can't walk my dog yet because he is too strong at around 40kgs and would pull my arms out and I might pop my ICD!!!

Thank you for the advice on here and the support. And when I say heartfelt, I do really mean it.

Heartfelt thanks,




by CathrynB - 2007-07-14 01:07:35

Hi Jeffia:
Welcome to Pacemaker Club, and I'm glad to hear your recovery seems to be going smoothly so far. It's not unusual to still have some swelling and discomfort 10 days after getting an ICD, and you're right to avoid walking your dog for now. Most of us were told to use great care with our left arm (or whichever side it's implanted on) for 6 weeks to keep from disloding the electrical leads, and I would think you'd want to do that with regard to walking your dog. Hopefully you have someone else who can accompany you on your walk and hold the dog's leash. Please keep us posted on how you're doing! Take care, Cathryn

Hey Cathryn

by Jeffia - 2007-07-17 06:07:23

Thanks for your reply. I am still on a strong path to recovery and feel blessed to be so fortunate, considering what some people have to endure. My dog can be walked by other members of my family, but they aren't as diligent as I am about his exercise!!!

Soon I hope to be well enough to keep him under control. Maybe I'll have to get tough and use my 'cranky' voice. LOL.

Be well, Jenny ;>

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