Fast heart rate when standing and sometimes SOB

Hello everyone! I just wanted to post and see if anyone else has had the same problems as me. When I stand up from lying down my heart rate shoots up 40 plus beats. I will have a heart rate of 60 and then when I stand it will hit 120. This makes my chest feel tight and I can feel my heart race. It will eventually within 10 minutes subside but I do not know what it could be from. I have wondered if it could be POTS because I have the shortness of breath upon standing and the chest tightness. I am not sure what it could but it can be really frustrating. Sometimes also my heart feels like it wants to beat hard. Anything input would help, Thanks!


Standing up

by WazzA - 2020-10-16 20:19:56

Have you tried getting up in stages ie 

Sit up First wait for a minute then sit with feet on the floor wait another minute, finally stand up. This should give your body & blood pressure time to adjust & is supposed to help if you feel dizzy to. Hope this helps. 


by AgentX86 - 2020-10-17 00:42:11

Sure sounds like it to me.  Since it seems to be pretty constant, repeating it in from of your doctor should be pretty easy.  They can't blow it off then.

Rate response

by PacedNRunning - 2020-10-17 04:10:41

I'm not sure why you have a pacemaker but if you have rate response on, it can shoot your heart rate up. The sensitivity can be adjusted to not go up so fast. Definitely call to see if you be seen for a device check. 

Rate Response or CLS

by arentas80 - 2020-10-17 09:51:20

I agree with PacednRunning. If it's always 120 then most likely you have the rate response feature on. When they first activated mine I thought I was going to faint. It shot my heart to 140 while walking and instantly I felt dizzy, SOB, and presyncope. They reduced it to 120 and I tolerated it better. Eventually it was proven that I didn't need this feature at all so they turned it off but by you saying 120 it made me think of that setting. 

You can also do your own testing. Check your blood pressure lying down. Wait two mins, sit up to the edge of the bed, check your BP again. Then wait another two mins; stand up and check your BP again. This is how they checked me before at the hospital to see if my BP fluctuates lying down and standing up. Either way I hope you get through this ASAP and we're all ears shall you need to vent more. In some way or another we all can relate. All the best!



by RwB15 - 2020-10-17 17:30:08

Thank you all! I just want to know what is up. I am just 21 years old and want to feel normal! Thanks for all of the positivity! 

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