Running - ADL Setpoint and Activity Threshold settings


If anyone is running regularly and has a Medtronic PM, I'd like to know what values you have for "ADL Setpoint" and "Activity Threshold" settings.

Thanks in advance...


Medtronic settings

by Gemita - 2020-10-16 15:00:24

Hello Snortingdonkey,

Pacemaker Club member frankmcw2 may be able to help you with Medtronic settings if you send him a private message, giving him details of your present settings for ADL Setpoint and Activity Threshold.  

Although I have a Medtronic pacemaker, I am still awaiting my requested data downloads giving me this sort of information, so I cannot help you at the moment.  Medtronic settings for athletes has become a popular topic recently on this site, so hopefully someone will see your message and be able to help you if you do not hear from Frank.

Medtronic rate response settings

by ar_vin - 2020-10-16 16:59:59

I regularly hike, run and bike regularly mostly up and down big hills and was implanted with a Medtronic PM in September 2018 for sick sinus syndrome.

I obtained the Medtronic settings pdf document from member frankmcw2 and had my settings adjusted in consultation with my EP and device tech more than 18 months back.

The settings changes led to an immediate change in my ability to hike and run up hills.

YMMV and please check with your EP if these settings would be suitable for you.

My current settings (from a recent PM interrogation):

Rate Response settings

ADL Rate 115 bpm
Optimization Off
Activity Threshold Low
Activity Acceleration 15 sec
Activity Deceleration Exercise
ADL Setpoint 10
UR Setpoint 60

Lower 55 bpm
Upper Track 160 bpm
Upper Sensor 160 bpm

It is *critical* that "Optimization" be set to OFF.

Please do  report back on your adventures!


by SNORTINGDONKEY - 2020-10-16 19:32:24


Yes...actually, I communicated with frankmcw2 a long time ago and already have his data. Unfortunately, I am somewhat of a complicated case and I am still struggling. 

I do have a question for @ar_vin - when you are running, do you track your heart rate? If so, do you mind describing how long it takes you to reach your HR for the pace you want to hold? Also, at what pace do you run and how long? I guess I'd be interested in your HR for a long aerobic run in zone 2 (if you are familiar with HR zones).


Heart rate and activities

by ar_vin - 2020-10-17 02:55:47

I always wear a chest strap HR monitor - Polar H10 - while working out. I found that the wrist worn optical HR sensors don't work well for running (at least for me). The HR belt is paired via Bluetooth with my Suunto Ambit3 Peak watch and rarely with my smartphone. I use the Suunto app to track and analyze workouts,

I mostly do long uphill hikes but do one hour long tempo run each week; mostly averaging 10 minutes a mile for the hour. I might do an eight minute mile here and there. During the entire time my heart rate stays in the 130-145 range (more like zone 3-4 for me). This is intentional as the goal of these runs is to hold a tempo pace for at least an hour.

My hikes can last 1-8 hours long covering 4-18 miles with significant elevation gain (800 ft - 5000 ft). During the hikes my heart  rate ranges from 115-135 mostly staying around 120.

As you can see from my settings, the ADL setpoint is 10. As soon as I take 10 paces my  PM starts to pace me at 115; if I start to run my HR rises in direct in concert with how fast I try to run. It will go from 115 to 140 pretty quickly. I sometimes do hill sprint repeats up a short steep uphill section of trail. Each sprint lasts 10 seconds; by the second or third sprint my HR easily hits 145 and even higher. I go all out on these sprints and can only sustain the effort for 10-12 seconds at a time.

Update: went for a 15 mile bike ride earlier today; average heart rate 139 bpm, duration just over 1 hour 10 minutes, mostly flat roads. Heart rate gradually rose to 125 bpm within the first 5 minutes and then to around 135 in the next 5 minutes and pretty much stayed in a narrow range between 135 and 145 the rest of the ride.





by SNORTINGDONKEY - 2020-10-18 20:07:36

Thank you for the details. It's great you can run/sprint at that pace...

In my case, I my ADL Rate is set to 125 (it's higher so that I can bike a little) and my Upper Sensor Rate is 175. When I run my HR goes to 150 pretty quickly.

The one question I have after reading your response is about the Upper Sensor Rate...I think I will post it in new thread.

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