pacemaker beeping

I addressed this problem several days ago here,  my pace maker makes an electronic beep randomly several times a day, was told to contact dr., contacted the tech at my drs office and was told that the pacemaker cannot make a noise,   on a conference call we called Medtronics and was told the same thing,i wear an  electronic watch, and usually have my iphone and ipad near me, today i removed the watch and moved the ipad and iphone away from me, i still hear random beeps, different number of beeps, and at different times of the day, i plan on calling Medtronics again tomorrow, if my pacemaker is beeping, something is wrong, what do i do if they tell me again that my pacemaker cannot make a noise, any input would be appreciated.


Can anyone else hear the noise?

by crustyg - 2020-10-13 03:56:31

Ok, so now you know that *some* PMs really can make a noise, but you've been assured by the manufacturer that *your* particular model can't?

So the next sensible question is can anyone else hear this electronic beep?

Several more questions

by Gemita - 2020-10-13 04:38:25

Are you always in the same place when you hear the noise? Say in a bedroom, kitchen, in the office?  What were you doing when the bleep occurred.  Can you see a pattern emerging ?

Have you thoroughly checked that nothing else could be making this noise in the area, like a fading battery from a hidden device, for example?  It has happened to me on numerous occasions with so many gadgets and appliances all around me.  My husband's blood glucose monitor for example bleeps for several seconds automatically as it switches itself off and I thought it was my pacemaker!

Does it happen when your mobile devices need charging for example?  I have an old Nokia that I occasionally still use and when it runs out of battery, it makes intermittent bleeps and it took me ages to track the mobile phone and noise down and to switch it off !

I see you are a model car enthusiast.  Do all these cars have batteries/control systems and could they interfere with your pacemaker or be the source of the intermittent bleeping I wonder ?

Have you made a recording of the sound when it happens as one contributor suggested, to share with your pacemaker clinicians or is the bleep over too quickly ?

Does it occur when you are getting near to other appliances/devices only or can the bleep occur when say you are walking in the countryside away from any interference, when you have left your mobile at home !?

If none of the above applies, have you had a pacemaker check to rule out premature battery/device/lead problems or have they picked up any problems at all with pacing?  

Sorry, but have you had a recent hearing test ?!

Action:  if possible, record the noise as it actually happens, with a witness present, noting the time it happens, where it happens (bedroom, kitchen etc.).  Do a download or ECG when the noise is occurring to see whether anything is picked up.  What more can we suggest EXCEPT demand to spend the day in the pacemaker clinic with a technician with his magic wand at the ready to place against your device when you hear the noise? That would settle the mystery, surely?


by glockexe - 2020-10-13 13:33:12

it happens in different locations,cars do not have batteries,i am fairly inactive, so most of the time i'm in my chair watching tv,i did not hear the noise before my implant, i don't have any symptoms, the only reason i keep pursuing the problem is if they say it can't make a noise and it does make a noise then there is a problem, thanks for your help, i have a call into my dr, will keep trying to record, but it's difficult, i will contact you guys if i find out anything.


by islandgirl - 2020-10-13 14:10:53

I recommend you record it with your phone or ipad.  

Make note of the time of day, did you feel anything such as irregularities with your heartbeat, what you were doing.

Beep beep

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-13 15:48:37

Look up your specific model of pacemaker and find out if it's CAPABLE of making noise. Alerts are programmable so perhaps they think they're all turned off. If you have documentation that it's CAPABLE of making noise, they'll investigate further. If it's not CAPABLE of making noise...

pm noise

by glockexe - 2020-10-14 00:51:25

my pm manufacturing rep says there is no way their pm can make a noise, so i say you say it isn't possible for it to make a noise, yet i hear a noise, ignored that question



by Gemita - 2020-10-14 04:34:16

If this is happening daily I would take direct action and go to the clinic to try to catch it in the act. What other options remain?  

Your tech reps/doctors are clearly not concerned which I find irresponsible and worrying or perhaps they are not believing you because they have already extensively searched for answers and signs of symptoms/pacing difficulties and have found none?

But to move forward, you really have only a few choices left as I see it: 

1.  go to the clinic and get a tech to witness the noise and get an immediate check of your device

2. ask for 24 hr holter monitor so when noise occurs you can press patient alert button to place a mark on the ECG monitoring at the exact time the bleep occurs so that a problem can be identified or ruled out

3.  Ask whether the device could be changed if you are still not happy.  This might make them take the matter more seriously?  

However if no cause for concern is ever identified during investigations (1) and (2) they may suggest you learn to ignore the noise.  Not ideal but also an option I suppose in case bleep eventually stops or shows signs of causing battery depletion when device change would be necessary in any case.  I really don't know what else to suggest.  I would recommend  (1) or (2).



by rcbray1 - 2020-10-15 09:59:20

I also heard a beeping from my Boston Syentific unit after 5 years. It would beep the exact same time every 12 hours. Turned out a defective battery and unit was replaced because of defect.

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