Post pacemaker vibrations

Hi Everyone..... I am presently 8 weeks post pacemaker implant. At 2 weeks I started to develop a buzzing or electrical current sensation in my feet and legs that pulsates. This happens when I go to bed and is contact related (if lying on my tummy it will be the front of my feet... lying on back it will be the lower ankle ... back of feet).  At 3 weeks the pacemaker clinic at Toronto General checked out my pm and said all was good and they did not know why this was happening.  I also sometimes get same contact sensation in back of my head and/or upper back.  It is not painful... but keeps me from sleeping or wakes me up. I am going back to clinic at beginning of November. Anyone have any ideas? I am afraid I will just be told the same thing again. Subira 


A few thoughts

by Gemita - 2020-10-12 14:54:53

Hello Subira,

During or prior to your pacemaker implant did you by chance have any invasive investigations?  I am thinking particularly about whether you have had an angiogram where they might have fed a catheter into your femoral artery or into an arm artery to look for narrowed or blocked blood vessels in your heart?  

I developed a pseudo aneurysm in my right femoral artery and this caused a pulsating sensation in my right leg, running all the way down to my feet.  I am afraid these sensations lasted for several months.  Blood vessel or nerve damage (hopefully only temporary) is a very real possibility following a pacemaker implant or any invasive procedure like this.

It sounds nerve related, possibly from the procedure itself which should settle with time, but if you are worried I would go along to see your general doctor for a few blood checks, maybe a Vit B12 level check.  Sounds like some sort of neuropathy so a diabetes check as Persephone suggests would be a good idea as well.  Did you have these symptoms prior to the Pacemaker?  Do you have any spinal or neck problems?

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