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Hi all

I had a pacemaker box change just over 3 weeks ago (my first box change). It is a different device and one I can monitor at home. I have just taken off the remainder of the steri strips and the box seems more prominent than before. Is this because of swelling or have others noticed this after a box change? Feeling a bit sad as the last one was hardly noticeable (other than the scar).

Many thanks


Thank you

by bexkibb - 2020-10-08 19:43:18

That's really helpful, thank you Persephone. It is reassuring to know it seems normal. I am glad yours got better 😊

Swelling is

by Aberdeen - 2020-10-09 14:52:28

Was your previous pacemaker a dual chamber pacemaker? Do you now have a CRT pacemaker? They are slightly bigger.I had a dual chamber pacemaker which was replaced by a CRT pacemaker and I was surprised when my dressing came off at how much it seemed to stick out. Eventually a few months later it looked less prominent and apart from my scars you don’t see it sticking out.

Thanks Aberdeen

by bexkibb - 2020-10-09 19:19:52

It was a dual chamber PM and it was replaced by a different dual chamber PM. That's good to know you don't see yours anymore. I guess it is just under 4 weeks since surgery and I need to give it time. Thanks again.

you can look it up

by dwelch - 2020-10-27 07:32:05

First you can look up the device and model of the before and after and get some size information there you can ask the doc as well.

If you didnt add anymore leads or didnt change your condition, it is just a straight swap then the new one should be at the same size or smaller also assuming same brand, the device chosen before matched your activities, etc.  Mine got dramatically smaller over the first four devices, number five though was a step up, nowhere near as large as my first one but larger than the fourth which was tiny.  I changed to a three lead biventrical with heart block so the lower chambers are now both being driven all the time and need a larger battery to get the lifespan.   At the end of the day though it is what it is, it is better to have the pacemaker and a scar or bump than to not have it at all.

I have had 5, and I do remember that they are a bit swollen at first, give it some time.  Focus on getting through the recovery.


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