Fit Bit vs Apple phone

54 yr old woman, had a SCD in March and they implanted a difibulator. Then one month ago I had an attack and the difibulator went off after I came to (my sister says I was out over a minute). I was diagnosed with both pronglonged QT and low heart rate. MGH then took the difibulator out and implanted a 2 in 1. I'm ready to get back to exercising and wonder if a fit bit is better then the Apple phone or if you know of a better item to use.

Also, where they took the difibulator out caused a massive massive massive Hematoma and after 2 weeks it started bleeding. They said drainage could be 2 weeks which is in 2 days. But it hasn't even slowed down yet and the HT is still massive massive. Has anyone else had this happen?

so glad I found this group. Reading the comments has answered many questions of mine.



iPhone or FitBit

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-05 16:31:55

It would be good if you told us what you wanted it to do.  They're quite different beasts.  An iPhone will only measure when you put your hand on the sensor.  Or did you mean iWatch?  Some here love their iWatch but you really have to have an Allpe infrastructure (phone/tablet/computer) to use Apple products effective, it at all.

FitBits are more infrastructure agnostic but the new ones, IMO, are expensive junk.  They're certainly not up to the task of constant montoring.  I don't believe anything is, particularly for those of us with pacemakers.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something that will give you a good indication of how your heart is acting but can take it out and use it (not constant monitoring), a Kardia Mobile will beat anything else, hands down.  The newer 6-lead device is where I'd go.  The AliveCore monitors, for a nominal fee, can send EKGs to their team for evaluation.  You can also send them to your doctors, if they'll read such things (if not, find a competent cardiologist/EP).


by Debann - 2020-10-05 16:45:19

I meant "watch" thank you. I am an Apple user so the watch seems to be the way to go.

Thank you also for the info on the monitor. I didn't know things like that existed.

Apple Watch Fan

by Shana - 2020-10-10 03:09:50

I have both the Apple Watch and Kardia Mobile 6L.

Hands down prefer the watch.

-More accurate reads (found kardia needed water on my finger tips for accuracy)

-More discreet reads in group settings/meetings (Kardia requires it to be tucked away near you, getting it out in front of others, finding a place to get the read by moving clothes around). Still useful. Just not as easy).

-it's always on me - makes me feel safe

-Easier to upload reads into my electronic medical record

-Fall Detector (alerts 911 if unresponsive)

-Easy to see HR while driving

-plenty of options to connect it to fitness apps (Zwift, Training Peaks, etc).

-Cell/text Option (which is great if you are out walking/running and don't want to carry your cell).

-downside - it's spendy. In addition to the equipment, I pay $10/month for cell connection.

Hope this helps! Sorry that I can't compare to a Fitbit. 



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