I had a valve replacement on aug 10 and a pace maker in the 11

i feel. Pinching on the side of the pace maket


is this normal!




by Gemita - 2020-10-01 06:34:00

Hello Hanniblesmother,

Firstly if you are worried, please consider going back to your clinic for some checks to make sure that your device/leads are working as they should and that you are healing as you should from both pacemaker implant and valve surgery.

The pinching could be due to an internal suture (stitch) holding the pacemaker in place and as you move you could be pulling on this.  Also your device could be sticking to the tissue in the pocket causing these sensations but hopefully this will improve as you heal.  I had some nerve related pain also for a couple of months which caused similar symptoms but it went away.   

We may be sensitive around the pacemaker site for some months and any stretching of our arms could trigger this pinching sensation or other discomforts as internal tissue is pulled.  I still get similar symptoms from time to time even after two years.  Have you noticed any movement of your device?  Is the area over your device swollen or red or does it look completely normal?  Any worrying signs should be reported.

It is still early days and you are bound to feel tender and experience discomfort in the area due to both your implant procedure and also to your valve surgery but hopefully it will disappear with time. 


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