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I read on one of the other boards that PM clinic visits sometimes leave patients exhausted or just plain not feeling well for a while. What can anyone here tell me about their experiences and what I can expect? I just had mine implanted this past Monday and my first visit to the clinic is June 26th.




by patpeter - 2007-06-16 06:06:04

Hi Rick, when I have my PM checked or interrogated I ususally feel fine, I have had a funny vibratory feeling when they use the magnet but it goes away after the magnet is off, so I don't think you should worry too much, the check should go well. Take care

PM Checkup

by SMITTY - 2007-06-16 06:06:59

Hi Rick,

I have had a Medtronic dual lead PM for seven years and a checkup in the clinic every six months and a telephone checkup every six months. I can tell you my experiences from these checkups and so far as I know mine are typical.

On a checkup in the clinic the first thing they do is attach four electrodes of the same kind they use for electrocardiograms. After that they run a limited ECG. After getting several strips of ECG they will then place a magnet over your pacemaker. You may feel a sensation when this is done. I usually get is a sensation like that when I have light palpations. This lasts for just a few seconds and is not much more than an attention getter. No pain involved. With the magnet in place they can get details on the internals of the pacemaker, such as estimated remaining battery life. Estimated remaining battery life is something you will not be concerned for several years, but they get it on the first checkup just the same.

Also, while the magnet is over the PM they can make any changes in the pacemaker operation that they think are needed. You should not feel anything when these changes are made.

All of this takes about 10 to 20 minutes. At the end they will get hard copies of the data stored in the computer during this checkup. It is at this time you should ask for a copy of the printout. Some places will not give out these, but most do. I recommend that you get a copy. A printout will show things that most of us will never understand, but it also shows what changes have been made. As times goes by and as you have time you can find a lot of information about pacemakers in general on the internet and from this you can learn to understand some or the data on the printout.

A telephone checkup is similar. In my case I attach two electrodes snap on a couple of leads and when told to do so I put the telephone in a cradle on the modem they furnished. After a few minutes I am beeped and told to place the donut magnet on the PM and lie really still. After a minute or so I get a beep that they have finished.

I am told that all they get from a telephone checkup is data as they are not allowed to make any changes VIA the telephone hookup.

Now to comment on your statement “--- PM clinic visits sometimes leave patients exhausted or just plain not feeling well for a while.” I have never felt better or worse after a visit or telephone checkup. Now that doesn’t a mean all the changes have been in my best interest, but when they made a change I did not need, it would be from several hours to several days before I noticed the results from any changes.
My guess is that the exhaustion or not feeling well anyone experiences is most likely from the anxiety or apprehension the person experiences from not knowing what to expect. So, my suggestion is relax and ask lots of questions when they are finished.

Good luck,


Relax my friend!

by tcrabtree85 - 2007-06-16 10:06:18

I have had many visit getting checked already. My experience has been different each visit. Most of the time I leave feeling a little better and sometimes I had no change at all. Each person is going to have a different experience with the check. Now when they would put me in an attack to figure out exactly what I was feeling during the days that would be painful but by the time I got up out of the chair I would be as good as could be.
Just relax if you remember your first check before leaving the hospital it is very similar to that. Smitty explained everything well. You will be in my thoughts.


by auntiesamm - 2007-06-17 01:06:57

Smitty and Tammy have said it well. I have had my PM for just over a year and had 3 interrogations. During those times I could not tell that anything had been done other than the paper running reports. Never have I had pain or discomfort or felt anything funny. It takes about 20 minutes tops. The cardio pops in, reviews the results, asks if I have any questions and I am dismissed, to return in 6 months unless I need to return sooner. The PM clinic is run quite efficiently and I am always glad to get it over with, know all is well and go back to doing as usual. Take care and God bless.

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