Hi Y'all,
I just found this site by way of the Medtronics site.

On February 7 I had open heart surgery to take care of 5 bypasses. On May 5 I had my first bout of AF that lasted about 8 hours. After a few days I was released to go back to work as a truck driver then on Memorial Day weekend had my second AF bout. This one only lasted about 90 minutes but it put me off work again.

This past Monday I had my PM implanted set at 60 bpm. It's a Medtronics Enrhythm. The Medtronics rep said that no other features would be turned on until the 3 month mark but yet there have been a couple of times when I have felt a bit dizzy when I first stand up. Is this normal or will they go ahead and do something to my PM to help prevent this? It's almost like my heart isn't keeping up with what I'm doing. My doctor's nurse said that I could go ahead and walk my 2 miles a day and I do with no problem. 90% of the time I feel fine. Of course I still have the post op sorness but nothing else to complain about yet.



Welcome to the club!

by admin - 2007-06-14 09:06:29


I'm glad you found use. It sounds like you have gone through alot recently. I had a couple open-heart surgeries as a child, some 30 years ago.

I assume you have a dual rate responsive device implanted because you seem like a very active guy. I would ask you doctor what the upper limit is set at. It's possible your body needs your heart to beat faster than this threshold. It has happened to me.



by randrews - 2007-06-15 02:06:53

Well, Rick, welcome to the club. Although this sounds like small potatoes compared to your other stuff. I've had my pm for 3 months now and I don't have the dizzy spells I used to have when I first got it. The rate response seems like a logical place to look first. How have you been doing emotionally with all the changes in your life?
Take care friend,

I've had my moments

by RickSt - 2007-06-15 05:06:53

As a rule I've done pretty well. Heart disease runs in my family so when one of us begins having heart related problems it comes as no suprise. We just keep hoping it doesn't happen. So it was more of a disappontment than a shock. I had two stents put in two years ago this month. BTW, I'm 51 years old.

There have been times when I've gotten really depressed over it all. I had an infection in my leg after coming home from surgery then walking pneumonia.

I was ready to return to work when AF introduced itself to me. That was a pretty hard blow although temporary because I did return to work a few days later. Now with the 2nd AF episode and my having only worked 1 1/2 weeks since January, it felt like my world was about to come caving in. Now my step grandpa, who raised me (along with my grandma), is dying of cancer and I got told I needed a PM. That's another 3 months before I can go back to work according to the DOT regulations.

So my plate has been full all year so far and I'm afraid it's not over yet.



by hooimom - 2007-06-17 07:06:32


I have a Medtronic Enrhythm as well. I was VERY dizzy in the beginning. It got much better within a month. I have done well with mine since then. Talk to the doctor if the dizziness continues.


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