when is the best time to get paced

This is my second time trying to post this, so apologies if the last one went through and I am repeating myself.

Hello Everyone,
I am looking for thoughts or advise from mums with pacemakers on when is the best time to get a pacemaker.

I have a complete congential heart block, but to date I am relatively asymptomatic. I have been doing alot of reading re congenital heart block and it has scared the living daylights out of me. On my last visit to my cardiologist we decided that mayve the time is right to get a pm.

Now that I have made the decision I would rather do it asap, and not have it hanging over me.

However, I am pregnant and due in November. Since radiation is used during the implantation I will have to wait until after babs is born.

If I get a pm shortly after babs is born will I be able to breastfeed while recovering after pm insertion?

Would I be better off waiting until baby can hold on to me, that way lifting would be easier or would I be better off getting it in while baby cant move and therefore I dont have to run after him/her?

We also have 2 lovely litttle boys, aged 4 and 1 so I am not sure that I will be let off running around, pm or no pm

Both my and my husbands parents live reallly close to us. They are a tremendous help so I am not concerned re having help while recovering.

So any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated
Best wishes


Thanks for your reply

by juliek - 2007-05-22 07:05:39

Thank you for your reply. Its great to have a forum to ask questions. I know its quite silly but I havent told any family or friends about this as they would worry unduly (or as my husband says on julie..bad joke sorry). My cardiologist isnt too worried about me. Although I do have a complete AV block I've had it for 33 years and Ive never even wobbled. He did refer me to an EP and I did all the tests. While they want to keep a close eye I dont get the impression that they are overly worried.
You are right, it makes much more sense to get it done sooner rather than later. As I am writing to you it has suddenly hit me that during pregnancy your blood volume increases by one third and your heart rate increases similarly. Therefore I woul think that there is a time frame for everything to settle back to "normal" before adding a PM ot the equation.
As for teh 10lb 6 limit, I'd be in trouble there. My 2 boys were 9lb 7 and 9lb 6 so I reckon Id get about 2 weeks before babs would be over limit.
Anyhow, I can add all of these questions to my long list of questions for when I see him again.
Thanks again for your reply
Best wishes


by tcrabtree85 - 2007-05-22 12:05:55

I really can't answer your question for you. I would talk to your doctor a lot about this and see how soon you need a pacemaker. I also think that you should see an EP and consult with them.
I think that I would probably want to get the pm sooner while the baby was young and not weighing as much. If you wait too long you wouldn't be able to lift her. I had a weight limit of 10lbs for 6 weeks and babies grow so fast.
You are lucky to have your family close by and so helpful. When you get the pm which ever side they put it in you can't lift your hand over your head so it would be nice to have help having somebody wash your hair and help with the children so you are able to get the rest you need.
I wish you luck I know that somebody on here will be able to help you more. Keep asking questions.


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