Okay fellow club members,
I need more help here... I have posted a few things I have been feelinf since my PM install. I now know there are two issues:
1) My lower lead likely has to be repositioned because it's stimulating a nerve. So, I'm getting that dealt with, no problem.
2) Some of my throat/squeezing sensations are likely caused by PVCs
- Can any of you who suffer from being able to feel your PVCs or PVBs tell me what it feels like (throat, squeezing, sweating, depression, etc)
- Are any of you taking medication to lessen the severity of your PVCs, if so, is it working? Any side affects. etc.?

I am going to discuss with my MD and Cardiologist, but it's nice to hear from people who are living with the issue...

Thanks in advance,
D. Ward


Dear D. Ward

by bjmcpherren - 2007-09-16 05:09:10

I just had a lead replacement and have been experiencing PVC's. Medication may be prescribed but we haven't reached that point yet. I have been on a King of Hearts monitor as there have been other issues. Anyway, for me the PVC's cause severe anxiety and irritability as well as irregular and racing heart rate. I guess the only advise is to be patient, keep working with your cardiologist and find ways to relax and take your mind off of them - which I must say is hard to do. Hopefully those of us who are experiencing them will find relief at some point.


by Helen - 2007-09-17 08:09:29

Hi D Ward!
Since my implant nearly 1 year ago, I have had been feeling increased episodes of PVC's on a fairly regular basis. We all feel different symptoms so my decription may not help you. My PVC's feel like an adrenaline rush or a flutter in my chest/throat, nervousness or scared kind of feeling . I can feel the pauses in my radial pulse when experiencing these episodes. I find them very difficult to ignore. I am struggling to understand how such an ill feeling can be classified as normal and wonder why I experience the PVC's in "patches ". I have been advised agaist medication due to the side effects and the professionals have told me that the frequency of my PVC's is of no real concern.
Good luck with your lead replacement!

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