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Hi everyone, I've had questions about my type of pacemaker, and I think it's called a Medtronic Adapta and it has Rate-Drop Response, also it is dual-chamber, and I am at lower-limit of 60 bpm, so as soon as my heart tries to go to 59 it kicks in (I actually got to see/feel that happen on the monitor when I was at the hospital). The first night my heart dropped 22 times, and I'm sure it does that most nights. During the day I feel it kick in at least 5-6 times per day, and those are just the ones I notice. The next day the Medtronic rep tested and set my settings, and while he was doing that I noticed that I feel the ventricle/lower chamber pacing a lot more strongly than I feel the atrial/aortic/upper chamber pacing (sorry i'm not a doctor so I'm going off of memory). I am still sore but it has only been 1 week :-) I am working half-days at my office right now, either my husband or my friend drives me to/from work. I am calling dr's office today to schedule my 7-day "wound check-up" to see if I can wash the area now. I can't wait, I'm tired of the yellow benadine or betadine color and I am looking forward to my first shower!!! Phew!!!


I'm a dualie, too! :)

by ela-girl - 2007-06-15 04:06:35

Hi, Constance!

From what I've been told by my EP, it is much more common for pacers to feel the ventricular pacing--it's the one that feels the most like a really strong, hard heartbeat. If I feel one, that's the one I feel, too! I also have a dual chamber, rate response pacer. My pacer helps me a TON during the night as well as the day. I've had my pm for a little over 8 months now. What a difference a pacer makes!

It sounds like you are making it pretty well so far. That's good to hear. I couldn't tell you how great it was after weeks of not being able to lift or really use your arm to take a real shower. It really puts into perspective the little things in life we take for granted!

Keep in touch and happy pacing!

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