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I have a problem with my weight. Since getting the pacemaker 4 years ago I have put on 40 pounds. I am 59 years old and work as a L&D nurse. I also have hypothyroidism. I watch what I eat and try to work out at least 3 days a week. I drink mostly water and do not eat fatty foods. I am on Diovan, Zebata and Synthroid. It is as if my body refuses to let go of the extra weight. I hate the way clothes look on me. And forget looking in the mirror. All the doctors tell me I should lose weight and I wish I could. I barely eat anything. I contacted a diet person and she said "With menopause, thyroid,and the medications you take, as well as the pacemaker set at 60, you will be hitting yourself up against a brick wall." She had no suggestions for me. Is there anyone else who has run into this problem?


Your Weight gain

by maryanne - 2008-04-26 01:04:27

You made two very good suffer from Hypothyroidism and are in menopause.....both cause weight pacemaker has nothing to do with the weight gain. Depriving yourself of substance is not the should speak to your doctor about your Synthroid and see if the does needs to be should also speak to the doctor about menopause and discuss what is a good method for speeding up your metabolism. The setting on you pacemaker has nothing to do with your weight gain and bares little effect on your ability to can still run or would appear that your setting of 60 is your low rate....what is your high rate? If that is set to low it can also be adjust to allow you to get more benifit when doing cardio excercises....and that is what you need...if at all possible try and walk at least an hour 5 times per on core might also benefit speaking with a dietician regarding food choices for women in menopause....or alternatively there are many good web sites out there that can provide you with great suggestions. Good luck:)


by pacergirl - 2008-04-26 04:04:19

I have the same medical history and meds!!!! I also am putting on the pounds. I have dropped 4 pounds this week though. I work for a dr. and he says I need to walk 45 min. per day, which I try to do. I have replaced 1 meal a day with a huge salad no dressing... a bit of pepper... and I eat a very light breakfast. It seems to be working for me so far. I have gained about 20 pounds total. I am only 5'3". Can't gain too much even if I do wear scrubs everyday to work in. I also think that is part of the problem. No waist! I have the pants that tie so I have begun to cinch then in at the waist to remind me to pass up the brownies the patients bring in or the pop machine.
Good luck to you. By the way my doc. will not adjust my thyroid medication. She says it is perfect!

weight gain/loss

by VonnieVern - 2008-04-26 08:04:27

I don't have thyroid problems, but have had weight issues all my life. Don't mean to sound like an advertisement, but weight watchers has helped me lose 60 lbs. in about a year, and keep it off for another year. I have found it to be the most realistic approach to weight control that I've tried. Feel free to send me a private message if you're interested in more details.

weight watchers

by jessie - 2008-04-26 08:04:37

hi i follow weight watchers so i can lose weight easily but then i don't have hypothyroidism. i was told to walk 45 minutes 5 x a week too. it helps. i have an orange an egg a banana for bkfst. sometimes cereal half a cup. i have a huge spincah salad with a bit of chicken all kinds of veggies and fat free dsg. i then have spinach or asparagus at dinner with chicken or fish i have 5-10 servings of veg and fruit a day. right now i am not eating bread. that helps to lose. my dr. says it is fine to do this until goal. sometimes tho i do have a slice of wholewheat or a whole sandwich. i still am losing. hope this helps sometimes we need to write down all we eat. jessie


by OIMAPRINCESS2477 - 2008-04-26 11:04:25

Well I have had some weight issues my whole life due to medications. I have learned that it dosnt matter what my weight is. I have learned to love my self for who I am and not how other people see me. My doctor has told me several times to loose weight and I have honestly tried unsuccessfully, so not much that I can do anymore other then learn to love my body that I have. Watch what your diet with sometimes those diet plans they have out don't do anything other then starve you to death. I wish you the best in you weight loss ventures. Let me know how things goes.


Me too

by florald - 2008-04-26 12:04:21

I too have put on weight but put it down to fluid retention. I weigh 12 stone but prior to being diagnosed with heart disease I averaged 10 stone. Also have hypothyroidism. I eat whatever I want as life is dull enough with heart disease. Not fit enough to work out. Have a great cardiologist who gives me a lot of his time when I see him. I am grateful that in UK we never have to think about what treatments are going to cost.
Wish you well trekkienurse.

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