Muscle Spasms.


Today, for most of the day, I was feeling spasms just under my PM. Has anyone else felt this and what did the Doc say about it. Still can't get my head around the whole PM thing. I mean, I am 37 years old and all.



muscle spasms

by CathrynB - 2007-05-10 10:05:17

Hey Clark, I'm guessing my only thought on your questions is off base, and I've never experienced what you describe, but I wonder if it's possible you have an electrical lead touching on a nerve or muscle that's causing it to spasm? Is it rhythmical like your heartbeat, or just sporadic? I'd call the doctor if you can't figure it out, or it doesn't stop.
I'm quite a bit older than you, 50, but also felt I was "too young" for a pacemaker, but goes to show you how little we knew about heart arrythmias and that they can strike at any age. There are lots of young people, Valerie who is something like 21, and others on this website, including teens and parents of very young children. You're not alone feeling "too young", and you're not alone having trouble "getting your head around the whole PM thing". Keep "talking" to everyone here, give yourself lots of time to recover, and it will all come together. Next year YOU'LL be counseling some new PM-er young person that "it will all be okay, even though it doesn't feel like it at the moment". Keep us posted on what you learn and how your problem is resolved. Take care, Cathryn

Leaking Lead

by Butch - 2007-05-11 03:05:47

Hi Clark
I might have had the same thing happen. I was getting a twitch in my left front shoulder. The St Jude rep lowered the voltage down a little and it stopped doing it.

Like people have said here before they like to set the PM high and then lower it after they can see how it`s been working. Every time my PM kicked in my shoulder would spasm. It`s kindof strange though, after they fixed it I liked it better before. When i would start twicthing I knew the PM was working. Now I dont have a clue when it comes on.
Good Luck Butch

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