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I am 37 and just received a PM. I am not sure how I should handle this. It is all too wierd. I had to get the PM because I was felling chest pains with shortness of breath and lightheadness. I had an angiogram which showed I had fgreat arteries. The doc concluded that I needed the PM. Once I got done with the op, It was so emotional I was crying because I could breath deeply. I immediately had tons of energy. I have so much energy that I have been having trouble sleeping at night. Has anyone else out there felt this? I am trying to explain how this is effecting me mentally, but I can not even understand it myself. I just can not believe I have a bionic heart!



by auntiesamm - 2007-05-05 01:05:23

Congratulations on your pacemaker. You have had a new lease on life given to you. I understand what you are feeling. My one year anniversary for my pacer is May 18 and every single day I thank God for the wonders of technology. Like you within a few hours of getting the PM I felt like a different person and I had not even known there was anything wrong! My pacemaker implant was done as an emergency. For the first time in several years my face was a healthy pink rather than very pale. It all caught me by surprise so I did not have time prior to the procedure to think about it - no history of cardiac disease other than a congenital murmur. I fully understand the reason why I have the PM - 3rd degree heart block with a rate down to 29-30. Fortunately I have not had a single problem and don't anticipate that I will. My grown grandkids love to tease me about being their computer operated grandma. You will get beyond all the feelings you are having right now. Stayed tuned to this website and you will have many friends to support and get you through your anxieties. I seldom think about my pacemaker anymore. It is simply a small miracle that happens to be implanted in my body and is what keeps me going full speed ahead. By the way I am 67 and feel 50 most days. God bless you and give you peace.

hello again

by randrews - 2007-05-05 10:05:53

I just responded to your later post. Again, welcome. this site is awesome and helpful. I'm 7 weeks into my pm and have had very mixed feelings. I'm glad to no longer fear passing out and intellectually know that I'm healthier. But emotionally it's beena rollercoaster. the best description I've heard is that it's surreal.
Talk to friends, both here and at home as you process all this. How you feel now will be different in next few weeks and months as your life takes on a new definition of normal.
I'm thankful your feeling better, it is great isn't it? I didn't sleep well last night but it was due to an 8 year old who had watched a scary movie. Pacemakers can't fix that I guess
Take care,

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