MRI with percepta CRT-P

hi all,

i am scheduled for an MRI of left shoulder in a few weeks.  i have a Percepta Sure Scan CRT-P.  Has anyone heard of any problems?  i am told that it is safe but need to check with this forum.  thanks.  h


MRI Safety

by Gemita - 2020-09-09 11:51:39

My husband had an MRI a year ago and the main problems we encountered was finding someone who actually understood that an MRI could be carried out safely on a patient with an MRI compatible pacemaker, providing certain measures were taken beforehand.  Before my hubby had his MRI scan, a pacemaker technician X-rayed his device + leads to check the position of these, then she placed his pacemaker in a "safe mode" (I would call it a dormant mode just in case the MRI affects pacemaker settings).  My husband then had his scan lasting some 20 mins and when he returned to the waiting room, the pacemaker technician was there ready to reprogramme his device to normal operating mode again.  She then did another chest X-ray to confirm no movement of his device or leads had occurred and then sent us on our way.  He has had no problems since.

Most modern pacemakers are MRI safe today, but it is important that both leads and device are deemed to be safe.  Some of us have very old leads that may not be MRI compatible.  I see you have a new Medtronic Percepta Sure Scan CRT-P system so I am sure this will be fine, but it is always worth telling the radiographers about your system (give model number and details of your leads) to make sure that they will have all the relevant information to keep you safe during an MRI scan.

Good luck


by AgentX86 - 2020-09-09 12:17:05

The only danger I faced was the frustration and aggravation I went through to get everyone on the same page.  One hospital was scared to do it and lied about checking with my cardiologist.

It really is a big nothing. The technicians know exactly what to do and if left to do their jobs, will do it. There is no problem with MRI-safe PMs with matching leads.

MRIs have to be done in a hospital, however.  Never go into a "MRIs R Us" storefront.

Oh, and that card you have that shows model and serial numbers of your PM and leads. Throw it away. No one cares about it. They're too buse covering their ass to even look at it. The hospital didn't even want to see mine.


MRI with device

by islandgirl - 2020-09-09 12:18:29

The inconcenience is it has to be done in the hospital where device reps are available--not an outpatientt center.  For me, not on medicare, it adds a hospital fee that my insurance does not pay for, even though I'm required to have it done in that setting.  

The radiology dept faxed my EP a form to fill out and fax back. I had to email a copy of my device card to them before my appt. They required a chest xray immediately before they did the MRI, I assume they look for loose leads. The device rep will set your device in 'safe mode' which means they take it out of programming.  You will be paced at a steady rate....whatever your minimum is.  When the MRI is complete, the device rep comes back and resets it to what it was previously programmed and you're done.  

mri of left shoulder

by new to pace.... - 2020-09-11 16:17:23

As the others have said no problems.  i had the rt one done at our local hosiptal the Medtronic Tech showed up and did what she does before and after.  the only problem  i had in the beginning was getting the appointment and them getting the copy of my pacemaker card.
   On one of the remote transmissions it showed where the tech turned it off and on and for how long.

I was told because pacemaker was on the left side might have trouble replacing the shoulder on that side.  thank goodness that shoulder is good.  now when they take an xray of the right shoulder replacment can see the wires going into my heart.  


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