My name is Santiago and i've had a pacemaker (Medtronic) for a while now but i still don't fully understand the limitations that this implies. As my cardiologist always told me, i have to keep my cellphone away from my chest and on the other side pocket of my pants, i don't know why is this but i do it anyways.

Today i've bought a fitbit that tells me my heart rate all the time but it vibrates with notifications, i wear it in my left hand and i'm afraid that this could interfere with my pacemaker. 


I appreciate any information on this,

thank you,





by Tracey_E - 2020-08-26 20:01:00

Advising us to keep the cell phone that far away is old advice. When in doubt, keep anything questionable at least 6" from the pacer. However, it's highly unlikely the phone has a magnet strong enough to mess with the pacer. 

The fitbit won't cause any problems either. The heartrate function may or may not be accurate, sometimes we confuse devices like that, but it can't hurt the pacer. 

There is virtually nothing in the home we need to be careful about. Don't get on a scale that calculates BMI, that's about it. Live your life and don't worry about it. 

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