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Hi everybody, I'm pretty new to this club. My little boy (10 months) has a Pacemaker fitted and is starting nursery next week. They have asked for some advice on toys that he shouldn't play with, our cardiologist said nothing electronic. Does this mean nothing at all with a battery? 

Thank in advance for any advice at all. 


You need to seek the opinion of a competent pediatric electrophysiologist

by ar_vin - 2020-08-26 14:04:31

There are literally at least hundreds of thousands of us worldwide with pacemakers implanted. We all live with all kinds of electronic/electrical devices in our daily lives and we're all still here.

For sure it's critical to stay away from things with strong magnetic fields, welding machines etc.

But toys? I can't imagine a toy that could potentially cause interference with a PM. You can't limit a child's life for no reason!

Please seek out a competent pediatric electrophysiologist and get an opinion. Travel if you must.



by AgentX86 - 2020-08-26 16:59:34

Again, take what we say with a grain of salt. We're not doctors.

That disclaimer aside, the ONLY issue I can see is the tyke laying on a toy that generates EMI.  That's something that adults aren't likely to do. Children can't be expected to honor the "six inch" rule.

For the same reason, strong magnets are out. Though kids shouldn't be playing with rare-earth magnets anyway.


I cant see how

by dwelch - 2020-08-26 17:09:40

I cant see how this would be a problem.  No, we dont need to avoid anything with a battery, there is almost nothing we need to avoid.  Note: Ink is cheap, pixels are cheaper, so you will find many products with pacemaker warnings, that are no risk at all.  

To avoid lawsuits the doctor is going to err on the safe side.  Would hate to see your child grow up in a world like that because the doc is trying to avoid lawsuits (same category as ink is cheap).

Magnets are not necessarily the problem, they put the device in a test mode and lock the rate, which isnt really dangerous.  High energy fields that confuse the pacer's detection of the signals it is listening for, is the bigger problem as the device then cant function (only during the period it is in that field).  So dont hug transformers basically.  Dont get really close to turbines on a power plant tour (dont hug turbines in operation basically).  You usually need to be within inches of the source to get a field strong enough (and it is plugged into the grid in some way, not battery powered).  Yes power cords are fine they dont generate these kinds of fields (once he gets of age that you might let him near a vaccuum cleaner cord, etc).  Can be near power lines they are not a problem but dont cut the lock and wander about a sub station (and hug transformers), bad idea for anyone to mess around in a sub station, as deadly to anyone with or without a pacer.

He probably shouldnt work in the (electrical) power industry, and maybe not be a welder, you have plenty of time to worry about that.  

He can play a lot of sports (at least not restricted by the pacer, perhaps by other factors of his condition), be basically a normal child and later adult.

Physical contact is a bigger concern than electrical fields.  Not necessarily so much a risk to the device but to the body and opening up a wound causing a risk of infection.  Infection in general is a concern so while he will get lots of cuts and bruises and thats normal/fine, just keep them under control if a good sized infection starts, then seek medical attention.  So depending on where the device is and what contact sport he might want to try.

The day care is likely going to err on the side of caution too to avoid lawsuits.  You are in for a challenging road ahead.  Pick your battles.

Dont know how the UK is but the USA is lawsuit happy so nobody is going to give a straight and honest answer, they are goint to simply give you a no to everything you want to do.

Dont bother with the cheap gauss meters, there used to be one advertised here for $20.  You dont need one.  If really worried then rent one...

electronic toys

by Tracey_E - 2020-08-26 20:07:19

I play with electronic toys all the time! I can't imagine why a doctor would tell you he has to avoid them. He probably should be discouraged from full contact sports when he gets older, and don't let him have dreams of being a welder or the dude who works at the junkyard using the big magnet to pick up the cars. That is about it. There is very very little we cannot do. Kids need to be extra careful because it's in their abdomen so avoid anything that would cause a direct hit but almost nothing is going to cause intereference. 

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