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I went to the store with my girlfriend earlier to buy an iphone 11, and the seller told us that all recent phones from any maker use induction... the last iphone without it is the iphone 7. I know that we have to stay away from induction stove, like at least 50 cm... but, what about mobiles with this new technology? If it is not connected on the charger, the induction is probably not working (and the mobile case use induction as well...!)?


Qi chargers

by AgentX86 - 2020-08-22 00:15:13

There is no issue with Qi chargers.  I have many of them and have used them for years.  There isn't enough power to do any damage, unless you press it to your chest, perhaps.  It also doesn't activate unless it senses a compatible receiver completely covering the coils.  The magnetic field is then contained between the coils. 

Induction stove tops are similar and aren't a danger unless a pot is partially off the "burner".  If it's completely covering the burner, like the Qi charger, the filed is contained between the burner and the pot.  If it's not on the burner at all, the power to the coils is cut.  The only issue is when it's partially covering the element such that it turns on but the magnetic field leaks.

Qi chargers

by Raoul - 2020-08-22 01:04:44

Thanks for your response AgentX86 (y)

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