Upgrading to CRT-P

I'm new to the forum but have had an implant at 11, and I am now 36. Next week I am getting a whole new device after years of a low EF (45-50) due to 100% pacing from a dual chamber. I am curious if others have had this experience? I was told I it would be good at my age to get the CRT-P to improve my EF. Also,  was told if my EF isn't improved it shouldn't worsen because of the new lead. I'm pretty confident this operation will go smooth but do the same risks and complications from any Pacemaker implant the same as a CRT-P device? 


Upgrading to CRT-P

by Aberdeen - 2020-08-21 15:26:05

I had my dual chamber pacemaker changed to a CRT-P pacemaker 3 months ago. The operation is straight forward -your original leads stay in place and the third is added. The CRT-P is slightly bigger but it isn’t a major issue.                        As you are young I am sure you will cope very well. There is a good success rate with CRT-P pacemakers. I wish you well!


by AgentX86 - 2020-08-22 23:45:11

Interesting.  Usually they don't get clearance to implant CRTs until the LVEF gets down to 30-35%, then it's usually a CRT-D.  I wonder if that guidance has change in hopes it doesn't get bad enough to require the difibrillator.  It's always seemed foolish to me to only pace the RV.  The additional cost can't be huge.

A CRT-P was my first with a LVEF of 55-60%, I assume because of the AV dyssynchony they didn't want to take any chances on developing L/R dyssynchrony on top of that.

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