Post Pacemaker Placement Medications

I would like to know what medications have been prescribed for pacemaker recipients folowing surgery. My condition for the implant is sick sinus syndrome. Currently I am taking metoprolol 25mg daily.  Will there be other, perhaps more effective, meds prescribed later.  Pre-pacemaker symptoms have not occurred.


Medication following implant

by Gemita - 2020-08-16 14:33:10

Hello Restart47,

We will all be prescribed different meds depending on our condition being treated.  When I returned from pacemaker procedure I was continued on the same meds initially that I was taking before implant, namely Bisoprolol (beta blocker), Flecainide and Digoxin (anti arrhythmics) to continue to treat my arrhythmias.  Fortunately for me my pacemaker has been brilliant and has helped so much to outpace my rhythm disturbances, so much so that I have now been able to stop both Flecainide and Digoxin.  I continue on Bisoprolol.  I also take Edoxaban, anticoagulant for Atrial Fibrillation stroke protection.

I note that your pre pacemaker symptoms have not occurred since implant.  A very good sign.  I expect your doctors will want to wait and see how you respond to pacing before changing any of your meds.  I do hope for the very best for you

Meds post implant

by AgentX86 - 2020-08-16 18:04:31

Most will be on the same meds  as before, with perhaps an increase in dosage that wasn't allowed by your heart rate before.  All a pacemaker does is make the heart go faster.  As Gemita says, sometimes a pacemaker can "out-pace" an arrhythmia but that's not at all guaranteed and is unusual and may not continue, long term.  My EP didn't even think it worthwhile trying (it would have limited options later). Any other conditions you might have, with the exception of Bradycardia, will persist.

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