20 days post implant

Its been 20 days since surgery and it's omewhat achy at site and the left shoulder area. 

Bandage is still intact with only minor swelling and no redness. I'm having some trouble getting comfortable at night and it's taking some time to fall asleep.

Trying not to freak out but i would  have thought I would be further along with the healing process. I will be calling the nurse tomorrow as back up, but I thought I should speak to the experts here.

Is this normal?




It will get better

by Gemita - 2020-08-16 11:54:55

Hello Ron,

I am certainly no "expert" but I would say your discomfort sounds fairly normal to me, achy at device site and at left shoulder, slight swelling over device but no redness, trouble getting comfortable at night were all present for me too at 3 weeks.  

Yes do ring your clinic for reassurance tomorrow and to discuss any worries you may have.  My advice is to gently move your left arm to prevent it from becoming painful and stiff, but do not reach above shoulder level until after 6 weeks. 

Just make sure that the wound is kept clean, does not become inflamed or open or show any signs of infection.  Otherwise just feel reassured that all will be well, or certainly much much better after 6 weeks.

Good luck Ron




by Trisurfer - 2020-08-16 13:49:15



Thanks for your encouraging words...i was hoping it was normal.


Ron W

Help Sleeping at Night

by Marybird - 2020-08-16 21:18:39

Just a suggestion, during the first 2-3 weeks after my pacemaker placement I  found I was able to sleep on my back the entire night, with little pain or discomfort when I took two acetaminophen PM (500mg acetominophen/25mg diphenhydramine) tablets at night before I went to bed. 

I Ithink the diphenhydramine (is, benadryl) in those tablets not only made me drowsy but helped with the inflammation around the pacemaker site. And the acetomimophen did a good job with the pain.

In any case, it WILL get better.






it varies

by dwelch - 2020-08-17 12:01:52

I would call this normal.  I have had 5 devices and its not exactly the same every time.  I did have one where I let my shoulder get stiff and that took a lot longer than the others.

It can take a week or two to sleep through the night and longer to sleep on that side, so I wouldnt rule this out as normal recovery esp for a first device.

You do want to use that arm, a little more each day, dont keep it stiff.  It can take the days or weeks to get fully normal but you do need to try a little each day, let the pain guide you, find the edge for today and dont go much past that point, tomorrows edge will be a bit better.

Sleeping at all, sleeping on your favorite side, washing hair, driving, laundry, etc, these things all take a different amount of time to get back.  But it will happen you will forget you have the thing, just like you dont think about your belly button or big toe.

Certainly talk through this with the nurse and you should probably be having a checkup in the next few weeks, and then in a few months.  Seems quite long to still have the bandage, but see what the nurse/doc says.

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