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I have to go on Thursday to have an ICD inserted.  How horrible is the recovery?

Also, Did you notice an improvement in your fatigue after?

Can you still drink wine?



Recovery and other stuff

by AgentX86 - 2020-08-15 20:22:51

Recovery from PM implant varies quite a bit.  If you read this site some more you'll see a wide difference between experiences.  A lot depends on you, much on your surgeon, and on how/where it's implanted.  Just under the skin is simpler and will have a faster recovery than under the pectoral muscle.  Sub-pec won't be as apparent.  Some are placed under the breast but perhaps someone else can talk, with experience.

I felt almost like I was on a high for several weeks.  I had Aflutter, as well as Bradycardia (not a common combination) and I was highly symptomatic so sleep was really difficult.  After, all of that went away so just had to figure out position to sleep.  Sleeping on one's stomach or left (PM) side is "problematic" for some weeks.  I slept in a recliner for a couple of months.  I think one would have been enough.

Feeling great immediately isn't guaranteed.  Again, read through this site and you'll find a lot of different experiences.  Do note that many who come here are here because they have trouble.  They're over-represented here.  Most who have no problems just get on with their lives and don't seek groups like this.

Wine won't hurt the titanium pacemaker, no.  ;-)  However, your underlying condition may indicate that it's not a good idea.  Talk to your EP.  The likely answer will be "in moderation" (one a day). I stopped altogether after I was diagnosed with Afib.  Then after my CABG, ten years later, my cardiologist said I could have one (didn't specify the size ;-) a day.  I find it easier to have none.  Again, this is something to discuss with your doctors.

not horrible at all

by Tracey_E - 2020-08-17 09:35:32

While it's not fun, I would not use the word horrible at all. If you go into it expecting it to be horrible, there's a high chance it will be horrible. Attitude makes a big difference. Everyone varies in their pain tolerance but I didn't take more than tylenol except for a couple of nights to sleep. I found ice helped more than meds. I was out for a walk the day I got home. I was mostly back to my usual schedule within a week, tho I was moving more slowly and napping. 

I am allowed wine. My ep even recommends a glass of red a day, said it's good for me. It's very important to follow doctor's instructions lol. The pacer doesn't care if we drink, restrictions would come from the underlying reason why you have it and meds. 

For me, energy after was night and day. My rate was in the 30's before, so I couild feel the difference the minute I woke up in recovery. I got in trouble that first night for pacing the halls, they wanted me to stay in bed but I was too revved up to be still. Most don't feel it as drastically as I did. Some don't feel a difference at all, it depends why we get it and how bad off we are before we get it. But if your fatigue is because of a low heart rate, it's going to go away. 

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