I had a pacemaker in May.  Others tell me they do not even know it is there.  Mine is painful often.  And I cannot do many of my pre activities.  The pacemaker is working according to a test in July.  Does anyone else experience this  thank you  Trebla


discomfort/pain around device

by Gemita - 2020-08-15 07:46:54

Hello Trebla,

So sorry to hear you are having discomfort/pain.  I had my pacemaker implanted in early 2018.  For several months I felt very uncomfortable with the device inside my chest and couldn't minimally stretch on the left side without causing painful symptoms.  My device felt quite over warm to the touch too and I felt very tender in the area.  Two years on I am still aware of some minor discomfort but I am reassured that this is nothing to worry about.  

Maybe we are both very very sensitive to our devices.  Afterall it is not natural to have a bit of metal inside us and some may even have immune systems that try to reject this foreign body.  It can happen.  Looking at your post though, it is still very early days and you may still be healing inside.  Don't be afraid though to ask your doctors for a thorough check of your device area or to run some blood tests if you continue to be concerned.  Better safe than sorry.  Also I would ask your doctors to check whether your pacemaker settings need adjusting for you?  It may well be working normally overall, but if you are unable to carry out your usual activities, this needs to be brought to the attention of your doctors.

I hope you feel more comfortable soon 

Implant pain

by Theknotguy - 2020-08-15 08:54:10

Different people heal differently.  Some get an implant this week and are out the following week acting as though nothing has happened.  Others have pain that goes on for a long time.  It just depends upon your genetics and your body makeup.  

While I did have a more traumatic lead up to getting my pacemaker - CPR, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung.  I also had a longer than normal healing process.  It isn't fun.  I was about six weeks out, threw the ball for the dog, pulled some scar tissue, and ended up with another six weeks of pain from that. I was about nine months out, went back to working at the charity wood shop.  I'd be OK during the time I was working there.  But the next day it would feel like someone had wrapped my pacemaker in sandpaper and scrubbed it around in the pocket.  I'd also have sharp pains in the pacemaker pocket area that would last for about half a minute at a time.  No one could tell me why other than the nerves were "healing".  So it can take some people longer than others to fully heal.  

What can I suggest?  Hot packs, cold packs, Tylenol, and if your doctor allows it, aspirin.  Also keeping hydrated with water.  Stretching exercises. If your medical insurance allows it, work with a physical therapist.  I also work with a licensed massage therapist.  All have helped.  I'm not sure which combination will work for  you.  But doing something is better than doing nothing.  

I'm almost seven years out.  I can do whatever I want and don't have pain from the pacemaker area.  The broken ribs are still giving me trouble but my other alternative was being dead and I would have liked that a lot less.  Overall, life is good. 

I hope you can find something that helps and that your adjustment to life with the pacemaker goes well.  

Pain /discomfort around device

by Aberdeen - 2020-08-15 09:00:56

I also had a pacemaker in May. I am aware of it occasionally and sometimes get a sharp pain if I stretch on my left side. I also feel momentary tingling pains where my third lead is.          

It should improve in time,as Gemita said we have a piece of metal in our bodies which is not natural. You should be able to carry out your usual activities so I think you should ask your doctor about this.

I hope it improves soon!




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