Battery life?

I got my first CRT pacemaker in august 2008. I got my second CRT pacemaker in october 2014.

Yesterday I went for pacemaker check up which is 1x a year and the pm tech says I have 3 yrs 7 months left. So maybe I get to 10 yrs on it. Says I am a frugal user.

I got flu virus early 2008 damage loss of 33% function of heart. I had robotic mitral repair 2001. I had flu shot but it did not work. Now with Corona I am supposed to avoid hospital but my cardiologist still wants an Echo done, appt is for in september. I am in one of the EU countries where they tell you just some basics. I am homebound but still do my own housekeeping and cooking.Only leave house for medical appointments. Why does battery last longer time?



Battery life

by AgentX86 - 2020-08-14 12:15:38

Battery life is a combination of several things, not the least of which is which type and model they implanted. CRT pacemakers have a larger battery than most "normal" pacemakers and ICDs have an even larger battery.

Another factor is how much you're paced but more importantly the impedance of the leads and the voltage needed for "capture" (the heart responding reliably to the pacing stimulus). If the planets all line up, your battery will last a long time. A fractured lead will need more voltage to get the same stimulus to the heart a nd will deplete the battery faster.

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