Interference from "EZPass" devices mounted in the car?

Is there a risk of interference to pacemakers from "EZPass" devices (and the like) that are mounted in the car and automatically collect highway tolls?



by crustyg - 2020-08-14 07:44:06

They use the same sort of RFID/anti-theft walkway/hand-held security wand that clothes shops and event security use and it's not an issue for your PM.

There is a *potential* issue if you were to get out of your car and stand right in front of the aerial that radiates the signal that interrogates your EZPass box and then just stand there, but I think that would cause other problems too.  Like the honking from the car behind.

Event and airport security folk are trained not to hold the search wands over a PM for any length of time, as the field strength can cause problems.


Cant see how this would be possible

by dwelch - 2020-08-15 21:30:16

This is one of a laundry list of things that wont hurt you, which is pretty much everything (wont hurt you).

As described above they are like rfid tags which are in a vast number of products you buy and are scanned at the exit to countless stores. (RFID is not a problem for us). 

Nor are cell towers, radio towers, satellite signals, emissions from power lines, bluetooth anything (even though our devices use that same frequency and some now have bluetooth), wifi etc.  

You pretty much need to be in a sub station hugging a transformer.  Or a power plant hugging a generator.


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