Thanks for your responses re Mom

Thanks to all of you who responded to my mom's problems with chest pain, shortness of breath. Karen, I hope you are feeling better, and would love to hear how your dr. appt. went (1st week of May, I believe).

Mom is still having the pain and breathing problems, and I am taking your advice Smitty, and others, and seeking a second opinion from another doctor who is not affiliated with her pacemaker implant's.

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by randrews - 2007-05-12 10:05:23

The information shared here is great isn't it. Since I've had my pm put in I'm not sure if it's tougher on my wife or me. While it's my body that has it, my wife has to deal with the uncertainty of knowing how serious my symptoms are and not being sure how to help. She has been such a help to me, keeping things in perspective for me.
I say that to say, I'm glad your mom has you. It's tough I know, but with you looking out for her she's in much better shape. I'm glad your getting a second opinion, it sure can't hurt.
Take care,

i didnt see first post but...

by queen_beez - 2007-05-15 01:05:02

I wanted to add an opinion . I was diagonosed with pulmonary embolisms ( blood clots in my lungs) . I was turned away from the first er becasue my vitals signs were all normal and my oxygen levels were 100%. My problems were though I had alot of chest pain, ( more than when I gave birth as a comparison) and I had a great deal of shortness of breath. If not for one nurse who said based on what I was complaining of she was going to tell the doctor to do a lung scan. It came back as ,well they said they stopped counting on the amount of clots in my lungs, that's how many were present. I tell you this not to have you worry but to go to the doctor and demand attention and more tests. Please do it now. Time is of the essence. I hope you find your answers and be your mothers advocate! Good luck and God bless.

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