I had pacemaker surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago & I was stitched inside then steri strips & glue on the outside, they just came off, on one side it looks like it is way too open, the rest still has glue, should I put antiseptic on & keep it covered, since it's Saturday & I can't reach the Dr until Monday.


A complete waterproof dressing is best

by crustyg - 2020-08-08 18:02:49

Most pharmacies now sell large waterproof dressings which are self-adhesive.  Usually they are transparent.

Cover the whole incision with one of these and keep it on until the wound edges have sealed.

Otherwise pull the skin edges together with wide strips of zinc-oxide plaster, or Micropore, or whatever you normally use for skin adhesion - even Sellotape will do.

Key is to keep the wound edges as closely aligned as possible and the whole area clean and dry until the wound has completely healed.

Steristrips were never the correct wound closure for a PM pocket.


by AgentX86 - 2020-08-08 20:26:25

I'm more paranoid than Crusty.  I'd go with the waterproof covering until Monday, then get into your doctor ASAP. At least let them look at it.  Infection is too scary for me.

BTW, I had glue and steristrips too.  No problem.  In fact, I had SS and super glue for the outer wound for my CABG, as well.  That became a little more problematic because I got bronchitus the day after I got home (wife got it in the hospital). Coughing was a real problem.  Sneezes were excruciating.

Never go to hospitals.  There's a lot of sick people there.

Wound care.

by Selwyn - 2020-08-09 10:03:58

Make sure you wash your hands thoroghly. All dressings should idealy be sterile.

I would spray with an antiseptic, dry gently with a hairdryer. Use steristrips ( if available from the pharmacy) to close the skin edges together ( apply in one direction and pull,  at right angles to the wound and in parallel to the skin, then the alternative direction). Use a dry dressing to cover ( eg. Melolin, with micropore tape for the edges, or Mepore® - we use in the UK). You don't want a soggy wound. Keep all  incised wounds dry until healed ( as  long as there is no gaping).

If you do the above, you can continue self care unless there are signs of infection- pus, discharge, redness increasing, swelling, pain. If you cannot close the wound or you think it is infected you need medical help. 

If in doubt seek help.

The idea of never going to hospital is the same as not going to bed, as most people die in one!  

( Tip: I travel with Transpore® tape. This can be  split into steristrip type  adhesive strips. It will close a wound in an emergency. Whilst not sterile, the choice of a mid tape piece from the inner layers of a roll are not likely to be too germ contaminated. Don't know whether you can get is outside of the UK?).

Yes, seal it and see doc tomorrow

by Original Cyndy - 2020-08-09 16:12:56

Had implant on 4/24/20. My steri strips all came off together when the sopping wet--immediately after the sole time it got wet, per care instructions--aquacell was removed a week after surg., leaving the entire incision gaping open. I quickly replaced the steri strips and it seemed fine for another week. or two until recheck and they fell off. Then 5 weeks out, it suddenly all turned bright red and itchy. They threw me in the hosp for a couple of days, threw antibiotics at it (for a couple of weeks)... No infection within the pocket or anything. The redness went away but the incision healed all knotted and red, with a couple of  red bumps nearby where the dissolvable sutures were. The entire area is still itchy! But I never ever scratch or rub it. I go in for another monthly wound check tomorrow. Get yours checked out ASAP.

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