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Hey guys! I Born with the third degree heart block and    Implanted my dual chamber pacemaker in 2013, i was doing great untill 2020 when i start feeling little short of breath. I went to the my cardiologist he did echo and said everything looks fine just ef drop to 45% its just little low. Since i was feeling symptoms my dr advice me that they can upgrade to CRt pacemaker. On 19 may, 2020 implanted crt device, I was having complications after the surgery I still having shortness of breath and more other symptoms. I went to the er and check with my dr they said everything looks fine but I dont know its been now 3 months, Im having weird feeling like fullness in neck and short of breath, cant walk feel exhausted, tringling in hands and feet, lightheaded and chest pain often. I had done x rays and echo, they look fine I don't know when I will feel great , if anyone can help me or know does it will take time ? Sorry for the long note


CRT (cardiac resynchronization therapy) pacemaker

by Gemita - 2020-08-08 05:44:06

I am so sorry to read about your recent difficulties and do hope that things will settle down for you quickly.  I note that you have had some checks done already (echo and X-ray) and these have been satisfactory.  I would however continue to go back to your doctor until you get some answers and relief from your symptoms.  You should not have to suffer in silence.

I believe it will take time to recover from your procedure in any event (I would allow up to 3 months to recover) and then it may take longer for your EF (ejection fraction) to recover from its present level to a more comfortable level for you.  CRT therapy can be extremely helpful for many of us but for some it may take a long time to see any real benefit.  It is important though that you keep seeing your doctor who can regularly assess any deteriorating symptoms and support you when and if this happens.

CRT therapy, by restoring synchrony between your two ventricles, should hopefully help to improve your ejection fraction and also provide symptom relief,

I hope you feel better soon.

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