Pocket Hematoma

Asking for my husband.  He got his first dual chamber PM about 5 weeks ago, then Lead Replacement/Revision about 9 days ago.  He now has a pocket hematoma that is being "watched."  How long do they take to reabsorb?  Thanks for any advice -- this is all new to us!


Depends on the size/volume

by crustyg - 2020-08-06 17:59:04

A small haematoma might be gone within a week.  A large one might take a lot longer than that or it might need to be drained.

Hematoma 3 weeks out

by twodrifters - 2020-08-08 02:20:33

I've had a rather large hematoma since the implant procedure.  The nurse practitioner says it may take some time but will eventually go away.  It has decreased in size a little, but seems to expand when I use my left arm too much.  

If I may ask, how did your husbnd know that he needed a lead replacement / revision?

lead replacement

by walterbeh - 2020-08-08 02:44:44

when he went in for his followup with the technician they found it was not working -- the lead was too short (his box had settled and pulled it loose.  So he had the lead replaced at 3 weeks.  The second surgery is when the hematoma appeared.  It is the size of a computer mouse i think.

How long to resolve

by crustyg - 2020-08-10 07:43:11

I think twodrifters has made the key point - the haematoma won't go away if it's being replenished.

If the bleeding has stopped and doesn't restart it could take a month or so to resolve.

Things to watch for are a) increasing size, b) increasing tenderness, c) increasing redness over the haematoma - all signs of possible infection.  Unfortunately, the components of blood are an excellent culture medium for some bugs (used in the lab for exactly that reason), so large collections like this pose a small, but significant risk.  Draining the collection also presents a risk, so in the absence of the above warning signs it's best to leave alone and watch carefully.

Usually they resolve on their on without interference.

Bad luck for you.

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