Still no pacemaker but more tests and proceedures..

Hello from down under..
Well I can report that I have still not had a pacemaker put in..It has been close but they like to do this as a last resort here..I some times feel that I am in the Pacemakers Club on false pretences..
I had a cardioversion some months ago which only lasted two weeks..
Now this week it is to be a Radio Frequency Ablation..I wish they didnt tell you all the things that can go wrong and just get on with it..Was hoping I would be knocked out for it, Oh no just a local will do they say..
Must admit I am a little scared about this but I guess other members have been through this..
Well wish me luck..
Regards Ron


very foggy ablation

by mo-dixie - 2007-10-14 09:10:48

I recently had a attempted ablation done at Mayo Clinic.They told me all the scary stuff but I just wanted to be fixed. They could not do it because they could not induce my heart in to a tach or fib rythym so there was nothing to ablate.
As far as being knocked out (always my request), they put you in a state where you drift in and out and you can hear and see them working on you but you just don't care. When they first started, I panicked because my hands were tied down and I could not scratch my nose. So they gave me so extra so I would shut up. I kept asking them what they were doing and they always responded but I don't remember what they said afterward. I could feel my heart racing as they tried to induce a response. It is not fun but no pain, so drifty time. Good luck!

Ablation jitters

by deb1may - 2007-10-14 10:10:40

I have had 5 ablations in the past 9 months - the last one (a month ago) took 12 hours and was followed by a PM implantation. For me, the sedation they gave was more than adequate and I remember very little of any of the procedures. The worst part was having to lie still and not even raise my head for 3-4 hours after the procedures. As far as the risks are concerned, the docs have to tell you all of the possibilities, however remote, so you can give an informed consent. You will do just fine! I hope the procedure is effective for you.

Good luck!

No Worries!

by tcrabtree85 - 2007-10-14 10:10:57

Hi Ron,
Welcome to the club. I have had 3 ablations and this is my advice to you close your eyes and let the drugs they give you relax you. I on the other hand would not have it any other way I want to be awake to see exactly what they are doing. I don't let them give me the meds to forget everything well they still did but they didn't work I remember everything. I asked questions through the entire thing and watched everything they were doing in my heart on the computer. I was fascinated with the entire procedure and when I felt something I would look over to my drug lady and say " hit me up with some drugs" I at least gave them all a laugh.
Worrying about the surgery makes life ten times harder. Stay positive get rest and look at all of the positive this may help you have energy back. I will keep you in my prayers what day do you go in?


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