I have had shoulder and arm pain since my surgery 3 weeks ago. Just had appointment with ep to check pm and remove bandage. Had no explanations for pain. Possible frozen shoulder (from day1) . Doubt it. Had to wrestle me? Has no idea. Any suggestions would be helpful  as I  head in for valve replacement 8/13. Thanks



very common

by Original Cyndy - 2020-08-14 13:47:04

Imagine you're in post-op now, and have likely gotten a response from medical team. But this is "normal"! Due to the position they place your arm into for the procedure AND running the line, etc. And no one ever talks about unless you bring it up--but yes, very painful and long lasting. Mine lasted well over a month. Icing helps a lot--bags of frozen peas, 20 minutes on, 30 min (or more) off.

I guess we feel so much better in terms of being able to breathe, etc. that this effect falls out of memory. (Like having a baby: did it hurt? Lol) I asked my mother if she'd had this pain after pacer implant & she couldn't remember.  It was funny to me that they placed all kinds of exercise restrictions on me and all I could think of was how I was in too much pain to do those things anyway. Somewhat OT: I once got a rotator cuff injury from being placed in an MRI position for a long time to examine my elbow.. After it was diagnosed along with "what did you do to yourself?" I explained how I could feel it tearing... They said yep, it had become a known thing and now they mostly use a different procedure for that.

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