Hi Germita,

The upper limit setpoint was adjusted from 170 to 200bpm -it was decided that my physical efforts during competition and training could exceed the 170bpm mark so pm rep. found it justified to increase upper limit allso as a safety precaution that this incident won't occur again.My first bike test I couldn't pass the 145 bpm threshold due to the pm holding back- my 2nd bike test as I explained I had to do some serious cycling that took me to 182 bpm.During cycling events this is not an abnormal zone but I will try to put myself not in such a situation too frequently because well  I am de facto a heart patient!The pm will recognize my increase bpm due to excertion/physical effort and will not see this as a tachycardia.I was really fortunate at the time of the bike test that all parties concerned were present especially the pm rep. These guys are really specialists and I will if necessary in the future only plan a consult if they are there to.





by Gemita - 2020-08-01 17:41:16

Thank you for your explanation Moussa. It must be such a relief to have the upper rate limit increased and to be able to exercise without restriction again.  If there are any difficulties in the future you know you have the backing of an excellent team which makes all the difference.

Enjoy your cycling and stay safe

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