Hi all hope you are all well.

I recently bought a rowing machine and was told to keep my heart rate no more thasn 150 as I`m now 70, (old gummers assoc!), anyway.. has anyone had issues with digoxin because I take it azlong with elequis, and I find my hear still races a bit when exercising, I thought digoxin doesnt let it get to high..the other day when on my rower my heart rate went upto about 165 but came back to normal with 4-5 minutes, wonder if beta blockers are better. thank you for any feedback guys,.. have a good night, kind regards, john



by Gemita - 2020-08-01 20:09:11

Hello John,

I tried Digoxin together with Flecainide for AF a few years ago. I didn't like it at all and it seemed to make my AF and heart rate even worse.  The heart rate went exceedingly high at times.  My EP thought it would hold down my heart rates without dropping my blood pressure too much as might a beta blocker.  Digoxin is I believe an old med and quite a heavy weight one and levels of the drug can build in the blood stream causing toxicity if periodic checks of Digoxin levels are not carried out. I had to have frequent checks of my Digoxin levels due to poor kidney clearance.

I am now however on Bisoprolol a beta blocker, low dose, which is preventing my heart rates from going so high.  It has proved most effective.  My EP felt it was a safer option for me because Bisoprolol is a cardio selective beta blocker (targets mainly heart tissue) whereas some beta blockers will target tissue outside of the heart too, for example the lungs, which would not be helpful for those suffering from lung conditions.  It is all very trial and error until you find something suitable.  Many anti arrhythmic meds may prove to be "pro arrhythmic" over time and I was told beta blockers or calcium channel blockers would be safer alternatives.   Hope you find a medication that helps stabilise your heart rate without affecting your capacity to exercise.  There are many different beta blockers/calcium channel blockers you could try. Hope your doctor can help you to find the best med for you. 



by islandgirl - 2020-08-02 16:12:22

I take .25 mg of Digoxin in the evening and sotalol 160 mg 2x/day.  I get the Sotalol (Betapace) and Digoxin levels checked every 4-6 months (seems less often now with Covid pandemic).  

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