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I am having a dual chamber pacemaker fitted on the 10th to correct night time bradycardia. Am thinking of asking for it to be fitted sub pectorally as am quite active. Any thoughts on the benefits or downsides of this?






by Tracey_E - 2020-08-01 08:44:20

Downside is it's a more invasive surgery and you will be more sore and take longer to heal than a traditional placement. Upside is once it heals, it's out of the way and much more comfortable. Mine is buried and I have never regretted it for a second.


by maureen.coxsey - 2020-08-01 10:28:04

Hi had a PM 23years and 4 weeks ago had a box change, I decided to have it put under the muscle so far I am very happy, it's hidden and the surgeon made a great job of the old scar that had been opened 4 times. Yes it's a bit more painful but nothing to bad its still tender after 4 week. Go for it wish I had many years ago


by Ironman5000 - 2020-08-01 17:32:58

Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad I found this group otherwise I wouldn't haven't realised there was this option. Yes I'll think I'll grin and bear the short term discomfort for the longer term benefits. I had a successful ablation 21/2 years ago so hopefully all will be good this time also. Glad you both are happy with the outcomes yourselves! 


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