Breathless on exertion

Hi just an update. 

 Thank you for your welcome previous advice on my problem. I went to my GP as advised who immediately referred me to my cardiologist with symptoms of fatigue and severe breathlessness on exertion. 

I then had a series of tests, i.e. blood tests a 24-hour monitor and an echocardiogram.  The results surprised me. The blood tests were okay except that they showed that I had iron deficiency but not anaemia.  The echocardiogram showed I had 2 leaky valves and evidence of wear and tear on the heart muscle. The monitor showed that on the two walks I was told to take, and I pushed myself to the best of my ability, my heart rate only went up to 64 and 75. 

 I have had an iron infusion and I have been put on Diuretics. I am due to have my Pacemaker adjusted tomorrow. The cardiologist said it will be put to rate response and I told him that when it was put on that before I did not feel comfortable. He said it will be done gradually this time.

 The question I have for you please is why is my Pacemaker responding differently than it did three months ago when I could go for walks comfortably and was quite energetic. Is it the pacemaker or is it my heart that has changed 

It is lovely to be able to ask real experts who feel like friends so thank you in advance


your heart has changed

by Tracey_E - 2020-07-29 08:06:48

The pacer only changes when they change the programming. Our hearts change all the time, as conditions worsen/change or just as we age. It's not uncommon over years paced to need continued adjustments. 


by Noomin - 2020-07-29 08:18:49

Thanks Tracey I was hoping you would reply as I've seen you are knowledgeable and very helpful. 

Thank you so much for the update. 

by Gemita - 2020-07-29 10:22:07

Hello Noomin,

You have had quite a lot to deal with and I am not surprised that your heart is not at its best at the moment.  I would say too that it is not your pacemaker failing to support you but it is more likely to be your current health problems affecting you.  Your iron store "cupboard" was low and sooner or later you would have had a problem with anaemia.  I am sure as you build up your iron stores you will feel less fatigued and less short of breath and ready for those lovely walks again.

I hope for the very best and that the pacemaker adjustment tomorrow will go smoothly and you will not feel uncomfortable with any changes.

Thank you Gemita

by Noomin - 2020-07-29 11:46:45

for you information, interest and kindness. 

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