I'm home!!

I so have this guys... I'm home from surgery. Got my PM put in yesterday. I was in and out of surgery and recovery to my room. I had some pain in the back of my shoulder...and a little low blood pressure scare around 5am...but all is well and I got sent home. Not raising my arm stinks...Pony tails are a pain! lol. seriously though...it was easy for me. I only hope that my recovery continues to be as smooth. Thanks for all of your answers to my questions... And even though my fiance will never read this...

Jason has been wonderful. He stayed in the hospital the whole time except to go get some lunch for himself on wednesday and then some contact solution that night. He stayed in a cramped stupid chair until the nice nurse found him a reclining one. He slept by my side the whole night. If I did much as stirred, he made sure I was okay and as comfy as I could be. He moved me around if I needed shifting, he made sure I was warm, and he made sure those nice nurses didn't forget about me. I'm not aloud to tell him thank you anymore, so I wont. But that is why, when we go out to the "ballet" I buy him a dance from the second hottest girl in the bar....(he went home with the first "wink" ) I know you guys must have heard all this before...all the mushiness, but no matter the ups and downs, when I look in his eyes, I know without a doubt that I'm loved.

Thanks :O)


Welcome to the club!

by admin - 2007-05-10 09:05:31

It's always nice to know someone cares. I'm glad the surgery went well. You'll be back to normal in no time!


home from surgery

by CathrynB - 2007-05-10 10:05:06

Hey Whimsical, I'm so glad to hear how smoothly your first 36 hours with a PM has gone -- that's great! No telling why it's so easy for some folks, and so hard for others, but it varies a lot. My surgery in January went smoothly too. I agree the "not raising your arm thing" is the worst part. It's really important though! My sweet husband and teenage daughter did my hair for me every day for the whole 6 weeks, and bless their hearts, I had 6 weeks of "bad hair days" though it was better than if I'd done it myself. It's really hard to be patient with the recovery part, but worth it to prevent complications like pulled leads and infections and such. Move your left arm to keep the range of motion intact, but follow discharge instructions to keep it below your shoulder. You'll undoubtedly have questions in the next few weeks, and the folks here are wonderful in responding and caring. Give Jason a big "hug" from all of us here on PM Club and tell him how important people like him are in all our lives. Take care, Cathryn


by jessie - 2007-05-10 10:05:49

you are great and have a great sense of humour. take care jessie good luck in your recovery


by queen_beez - 2007-05-11 02:05:05

Glad to hear you made it through this little ordeal nicely. You have along way to go still though so take it easy. This next part cn be one of the hardest for alot of us. Feeling better but not being able to really do anything. You must not over do it. Though the outside appears to be healing your leads and the connection to you heart take longer. Though it will be hard resist the urge to jump back in , hold back slightly, the leads and stitches need time. Also lifting, even though we feel healthy again pull back ,play it safe. Not being able to drive stinks too. One great thing is that this ordeal has shone you that you picked the right guy and I am sure he will be an even better husband ! Congratulations on your new lease on life and your new life!!!

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