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Hey guys! I got CRt pacemaker on 19 May,2020, as I have 3 degree heart block and also my ef drop to 45%. I am feeling shortness of breath and weird feeling, nauseas and unable to exercise, since my surgery. I went to er and also check with my cardiologist they said pacemaker is wort100% and also they did echo all look fine. I dont know why I am feeling this. Also my pocket side feel tight. 


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by crustyg - 2020-07-27 04:54:52

Hi: Forget the folk who can only focus on your PM.  If you've not moved about much since your PM implant and not knowing your history and medication, your symptoms would do well for a blood clot on the lungs (pulmonary embolus).  I don't think you'd detect a PE on an echo (unless it was very large).  Your PM pocket is intended to be tight and may well 'feel tight' as the wound settles down.

You need a proper physical exam, oxygen saturation and someone to listen to your chest and take your temperature.

Don't waste time - this is urgent.

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