Medical braclet

Difficult putting on stainless steel med. braclet keep moving and stepping off wrist. I put on a wrist size rubber band. Place braclet on, pull rubber over just metal plate.  Braclet stays put till you master hooking on  hook.


Medical Bracelet

by Drifter - 2020-07-26 22:07:15


I ran into the same issues ended up getter a pendent to wear. It was larger and gave several lines for additional allergies and medical issues. Took a little time to get use to it but I am not catching it on everything. 


by AE7XQ - 2020-07-26 23:19:11

I bought a silicon-rubber bracelet that looks like a watch band. It was very easy to get on and won't come off easily, plus it was cheap (probably in both definitions of the word). It does what I need it to do.


by dwelch - 2020-07-28 04:22:41

I dont wear one anymore on my wrist but the last one I had was a velcro deal so it was easy to adjust the size just right so it stayed on wasnt too tight and didnt slip off.

I have a shoestring one (slides over your shoestring, put it at the bottom where the laces start), if they see it they see it if they dont they dont.  On my boots I have a red dog tag one.

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