First checkup with cardiologist

I had my pacemaker implanted on March 16, 2020 and have had two device checkups. My first appointment with my cardiologist post-surgery is in 3 weeks. What can I expect at this appointment?


First appointment with cardiologist following pacemaker checks

by Gemita - 2020-07-25 06:09:44

Hello Litlbitirish,

You haven’t told us why you have a pacemaker, but I would imagine that your cardiologist would want to cover the following during your visit:

They will primarily want to know if your symptoms have improved since pacemaker implant and whether you have any new or worsening symptoms.

They will discuss with you the findings of your two pacemaker checks, but if they do not, I would ask them if these were satisfactory and whether there were any significant “events” recorded.  It would be interesting to know your pacing percentages as well and whether battery and leads are working as expected.  

They may tell you about any changes they have already made to your pacemaker settings, or any changes they may need to make, depending on any symptoms you may be getting.

They may want to carry out some checks like taking bloods for electrolytes, kidney function (for example), they may check your weight and blood pressure, do an ECG or arrange for an echocardiogram to be done to check that all is well. They may wish to review or adjust your medication.  What they do and what they discuss will be based on your individual needs.

From experience these appointments can be rushed so if you are concerned about anything in particular, make a few notes so that you can be reassured during your appointment.

I do hope your appointment goes well


First checkup with cardiologist

by LITLBITIRISH - 2020-07-27 19:30:50

Thank you for your response Gemita. My pacemaker was needed due to bradycardia. I have Medtronics remote sensing and have had two device checks. This will be my first with the cardiologist. I feel fine, but was curious about the first checkup. 

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