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Question to runners... 

I have had my PM now for a month and have been doing a lot of walking. The doctor released me after my 2 week check up to be able to run agility with my dog which doesn't involve a lot of running, just some short bits between obstacles. I have also recently tried just running a little during my walks. The problem I am having is the PM moves and hurts. Doe this go away? Is there something I can do to keep it from moving?

For the women runners - Have you found a sports bra style that doesn't dig into the edge of the PM and or incision area? Most of my favorite sports bras hit right at the lower edge of the incision and push on the PM there making it sore (in addition to it hurting when it moves).



it goes away!

by Tracey_E - 2020-07-24 18:27:29

You need to heal some more before doing anything impact. The scar tissue will build up and it will get numb but it sounds like you aren't quite there yet. 

Sports bras, we are all built differently and our pacers aren't all in the same place so I think you'll just have to try them on. I always get the mega super heavy duty even if I'm doing something low impact because any movement at all makes me crazy. Most of mine hit the edge of my scar but it doesn't hurt now that it's well healed.

Be prepared for *some* PM pocket pain for months

by crustyg - 2020-07-25 16:59:49

Depending on the exercise(s) you may experience twinges of pain around the PM pocket for a year.  Just twinges, not sustained or severe pain - but don't let this foreknowledge stop you from doing the exercises.  The health benefits of exercise are massive, and you know how much you lose with even two weeks off running.

Typically your PM is held into the pocket by a) your EP doc who did the implantation making the pocket as small as possible, b) a big, strong, non-absorbable suture/stitch that anchors the PM to the base of the pocket.  But some PM movement around the pocket is inevitable, so Tracey_E's advice is key.  Try not to fiddle with the PM - it only enlarges the pocket and stresses the anchor stitch.  Over time the small amount of PM movement in the pocket shouldn't hurt (unless you're pulling on that anchor stitch) and the inflammation around the PM should go - this inflammation makes the pocket tender.

Enjoy your return to running.

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