Recently had CRT-D fitted

Hi. I'm new to this forum. I had a CRT-D fitted 2 days ago. Feeling pretty low and am surprised at how big the lump is under the dressing and how very sore. Is this normal experience and how long can I expect it to hurt so much? Any experiences appreciated 



It depends

by Theknotguy - 2020-07-24 09:36:12


It depends upon your body type, how your body heals, what kinds of medication you are taking, and how rough the doctor was during the implant procedure.  

I used to have an address on YouTube where they showed how they did a pacemaker implant.  Fortunately I had my procedure done so it was history for me. I was really surprised how rough the doctor was in the video and I was surprised I didn't hurt more than I did.  So that can be a factor in your healing.  I don't think all doctors are that rough in dealing with the patient though - at least I hope not.  

If you're a thin person with minimum body fat, the unit is going to stick out more than if you are a heavier person.  Also, how much you are hydrated factors into that too.  Some people heal faster than others and some kinds of medications can slow down the healing process.  

As long as you aren't running a fever or the pocket area isn't really red and sore you should go through a good healing process.  Then, after the surface scar heals there is some underlying tissue healing that goes on too.  After the surface scar heals some people report "ant bites", itching, and sometimes sharp pains as the underlying tissue heals.  

I think I was six weeks out and the surface scar had healed.  I pushed it a little too soon and threw a ball for the dog.  (I'm left handed and the pacemaker is on my left side.)  I pulled the scar tissue and it really hurt.  Then it took another six weeks for the tissue to heal because I pulled it.  

Hot and cold compresses along with Tylenol helped.  I put a light towel over the lump then put the compress on top of that so the scar had less chance of becoming infected.  

You'll also notice the lump more at first because you aren't accustomed to having a foreign object inside your body.  

Otherwise, I hope your adjustment goes well and you can get on with your life.  


Recently had CRT - D fitted

by Aberdeen - 2020-07-24 14:40:07

I had a CRT-P fitted 9 weeks ago. Prior to that I had a dual lead pacemaker. When the dressing came off I felt it was much larger than my previous pacemaker. I am a normal size woman. However as the weeks passed it didn’t seem to be so obvious as in the first few weeks-so don’t worry about it! Be very careful not to raise your left arm above your head and don’t carry anything heavy in your left hand.(I am assuming the pacemaker is on the left side) Good luck! It will improve!

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