Sending a reading from home

Hello all! 

I have had my 12 month pacing check cancelled due to covid but they have said I can send a reading from home. I have one of the devices you hold over your pacemaker and it transmits data to the hospital. I was just wondering if anyone knew what data it transmits? Is it the same info as when I go for a pacing check? I have asked people at the hospital before and got different answers! 


Many thanks! 




by Tracey_E - 2020-07-23 15:36:03

I'm pretty sure it's the same, they just can't make adjustments remotely like they would in the office. 

Carelink transmissions

by Gemita - 2020-07-23 16:56:53

Eilish, hello.  I see you have a Medtronic pacemaker and Carelink.  I do too.  

Recently I had a pacemaker check and the electrophysiologist assessed my suitability as a candidate for annual remote monitoring since I already had a Carelink facility to transmit automatically to my pacemaker clinic in London.  I got the impression that this meant the full data as per a normal clinic interrogation would be transmitted "remotely".  I know she set something up in my Medtronic records to allow this to happen.

Unfortunately because of a recorded event (significant arrhythmia) they told me I did not meet the criteria and would need to be seen in clinic again in 12 months which is fine with me.  

I really don't know how valuable it is to send data remotely when they would still need to see us for any adjustments if these were ever needed.

I would go back to them and enquire whether the full data as with a normal interrogation after 12 months would be transmitted, or whether a "summary sheet" only of essential details would be transmitted showing for example things like battery status, changes in lead impedance, percentage atrial/ventricular pacing, percentage arrhythmia burden and any significant events.


by EilishBow - 2020-07-23 17:04:34

Thanks for your comments guys. I explained to them that my pacing check brings me piece of mind but they said they assessed my notes and I don’t need to be seen... whatever that means! I think they are only seeing people they really have to due to covid. Bit annoying though because I can go to the pub now but can’t get my pacemaker checked! As long as I know I can still transmit the important stuff such as events, lead data and battery etc then that makes me feel happier! I have had a lead for 14 years now so I’m always conscious of making sure it’s still okay. :) 


by Gemita - 2020-07-23 17:13:06

Yes essential data will be transmitted so don't worry and it is good you don't need to be seen - sounds as though you have been given a relatively clean bill of health - be happy !!

Remote transmission

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-23 22:09:19

The remote box can transmit any data from the PM to the monitoring company.  They cannot make any modifications, including any tests that require sending any information to the pacemaker.  For instance, they can't change your heart rate to test your response.

If you're only having your PM checked once a year, I'd make sure it was in-person.  I have four a year, two of which are supposed to be remote, two in-person.  I've only had one remote in two years, and that was because of Covid.


by EilishBow - 2020-07-24 02:33:30

You are right, I should be happy! I have complete heart block which I have had since I was 11, been paced for 13 years now and luckily doing well! Other than pacing checks occasionally I live a normal life :) 


by EilishBow - 2020-07-24 02:35:26

hiya! Here in the UK we don’t have as many checks as that. It’s very normal to only be checked every 12 months if your doing fine :) 

so im quite happy just sending a remote one, saves me from going to the hospital too. 

Remote monitoring

by PandaCub - 2020-07-24 07:55:28

I've just had my first checkup. I have Medtronic pm with remote monitor. The monitor came with a loop recorder which is still in me. All I was told while the pm was being inserted was to keep the monitor for the pm. Nothing else.

I thought well something must be done so I put the reader over the pm and bingo data transmitted  and data received. Confirmed with pm lab monitor reprogrammed for pm.

The loop recorder used to talk to the monitor every night and when a problem was found transmit info to hospital. I noticed not such activity with pm.

So during my checkup i asked what was the situation now. They merely said they only need to see me once a year. They can interrogate the monitor remotely and if they find a problem they'll  call me in.

Sorry what and how often info is sent,  or even if it's  just a manual request, can't help. But the info sent must be sufficient for them to see if we're OK.


by Gemita - 2020-07-24 12:12:24

That is very interesting since they also wanted to use my old Medtronic loop recorder monitor too (which has been reprogrammed to work with my pacemaker) to make remote transmissions but unfortunately they need to see me annually apparently - at least for the moment while my arrhythmias continue.

Do you use your patient assistant hand device over your pacemaker to trigger a transmission?  They mentioned I couldnt use the monitor with my pacemaker as I had done with my loop recorder, in other words I couldnt trigger an immediate download whenever I wanted.  I presume it is only now programmed to transmit data annually, if I am ever able to do this.

My loop recorder was explanted last year after over three years of excellent service.  I wish it could have gone on forever because its capacity for recording rhythm disturbances was superior to anything I have ever used in the past.  It was a gem of a monitor

remote transmission

by islandgirl - 2020-07-26 18:49:58

I transmit remotely weekly due to arrhythmias, and sometimes he downloads as well. I have set up with Medtronic that I get a text when any download is received at Medtronic, so I know when he downloads.  My EP often texts me the report and discusses any concerns.  It is many pages long and seems like a complete report.  He is opening tomorrow after he contracted covid (most likely from the hospital) in mid June.  He was very sick and was hospitalized for about a week--he's very healthy with no risks.  He finally tested negative last Friday.  I have an appt tomorrow.  

The EPs can see the important information that would raise concern with the remote report.

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