I am wondering if due to lockdown and the coronavirus if i might be better of having the housekeeping turned off in my pacemaker to save the battery for a few more years. The hospital is not checking up on my pacemaker any way . They did not give me a check up when one was due and I waited a few weeks having heard nothing from them as to what was happening. I called them and was told that i would get an appointment in three weeks time. three weeks passed and no news from them. So I phoned again and they said it would be three months. who are they trying to kid ? I am a bit woried that when it is due for replacement they wont bother. I am  101 % dependant on my pacemaker having had a AV node ablation. I can see no point in the housekeeping being left on as it uses up to 50% of the battery. All replies welcome. Peter












by Tracey_E - 2020-07-23 09:54:19

Not sure what you mean by housekeeping but there is no optional setting that would use up half your battery life. How much you pace, how much signal it takes to make the heart respond, condition of the leads, your safety margins, the extra bells and whistles such as rate response all determine battery life. 

Can you switch to another practice?

Saving battery

by Gemita - 2020-07-23 09:58:36

Hello Pete,

I really feel you should be explaining to your pacemaker clinic that you are so concerned about being left without support that you are considering asking them to turn the housekeeping tasks down or off to prevent your battery being depleted.  That should get them moving !!

Pete honestly I feel we need to start taking a stand now, Coronavirus or no Coronavirus.  The waiting rooms are empty in many hospitals and we need to start pushing to be seen.  I did manage to get my pacemaker checked a few weeks ago and the electrophysiologist was so pleased to spend time with me because she didnt have anyone else, explaining that no one wants to come to the hospital.  I am glad I went, it was invaluable.

Personally I believe the monitoring and data logging and other housekeeping tasks should be left on since it may pick up something important, although clearly by having a pacemaker check you can discuss what could be dropped to save energy.  I dont know what else to suggest

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