can anyone tell if they have been shocked by there icd, if is it as dramatic as some people say it is ,eg feels like getting kicked by a horse, not that many poeople get kicked by horses



by crustyg - 2020-07-22 11:10:25

Have a look for posts by Marlajl and Robo-Pop. Both have experienced this.

As you say, it's not easy to describe something for which we have little or no shared experience as a reference.  If you've never experienced an electric shock then it's going to be even more difficult to convey the sensation.  I've had more than a few shocks - AC and DC (just stupid) - and it's something to be avoided, IMHO.

I would advise against spending too much mental energy on this: fear of the unknown is *almost* always worse than the actual event itself, and by focussing on this aspect you can only increase your fear of the event.  Other contributors here with an ICD say that the best mental approach is that you have a device that might well save your life.



shock from ICD

by islandgirl - 2020-07-22 11:30:19

It does feel like getting kicked by a horse. My chest hurt badly afterwards for a couple of weeks after 4 shocks, which my EP said was normal and muscle pain.  I was in the hospital a couple of days and my EP did some tests and made some adjustments to my ICD, as well as added a new med.  It is uncommon to receive erroneous shocks.  I just celebrated July 19 my 4-year 'rebirthday' from a sudden cardiac arrest.  My problems are electrical and unknown why I had the 2nd arrest.  I quickly go from vtach to vfib to arrest.  Don't dwell on getting shocked.  In the ER my EP told me that I would not be speaking to him if I didn't have the ICD.  Be grateful that the technology allows us to be protected.  Good luck!


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